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Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by Andy, Mar 20, 2009.

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    Well, the melt down did not come but darest I say "yet"?

    difficult child stated he closed his eyes at the beginning of the Omnitheator but then it was o.k. He didn't eat much for lunch and was feeling weird so just followed one of the other boys around. He didn't show them his favorite exhibits.

    The State Capital tour was shorter than he expected in that they didn't see as much as he thought they would. It was good enough to go back soon so that I can take the tour.

    The Under Water World went well (another area that doesn't work well when his anxiety is up). The exhibit with baby stingrays and shark was empty. He figures they all grew up. That could be and they are waiting for a new batch (you get to pet the live stingrays and sharks). He did fine at the Rainforest Cafe until just about ready to leave. We are used to fast paced busy days, but that is when difficult child feels comfortable letting us know when he needs breaks (or I can pick up on cues). He doesn't like to ask anything of anybody so I am sure the day was getting very long. By the time they got to the vehicle to start back home, he was fine again.

    He didn't think about me at all but did say he kept thinking about Dad meeting him at the capitol as a way to work through his feelings.

    He decided this trip was partially a success and partially not.

    I told him about next week's psychiatrist appointment and he was a little taken back. It is coming so fast. We thought it would be atleast a month. He is not sure how he feels about it. I think his difficult child mind is telling him that because Mom agreed to this she must think something is wrong with him. Wrong to the point that he is very sick - part of his anxiety ridden thinking - something always has to be seriously wrong. I can't win for loosing so many times. He can always find a negative reason for things. I think I mentioned that he thinks I am taking sign language classes because he is loosing his voice.

    He is doing very well tonight - no visible signs of melting. I am so glad - I did expect some whining in the car on the way home but I just asked him about each part of the trip. Didn't give him much time to whine (he would have if he needed to though). I'll see if it catches up with him in the morning.
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    I don't think this was a partial success. I would call it a success and tell difficult child so! He was able to maintain, not only without a meltdown or shutdown, but was also able to think beyond.

    In other words, he formulated a reason why the baby sharks and stingrays weren't there, followed around another boy rather than allowing his anxiety to take over, used a relaxation technique at the beginning of the film.........I would say that this is positive news he can relay to the psychiatrist. I think you need to tell him how proud you are.

    You know, those itsy-bitsy baby steps will still get you to the goal. Sometimes I forget that myself. They are better than leaps backward!

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    Thank you! Yes, I do count this as a success. difficult child was looking at the times he felt weird and was looking forward to seeing husband. He didn't look at the entire picture that he worked through it. Part of his anxiety, gotta look for those negatives, can't be totally successful if there is even one negative moment. You are also correct about telling him that he did a great job and that this really was a successful trip which I have. He has to learn to look to the positives - he did have a good time, he did make it through without a meltdown - it was a great trip.

    He arrived home one very super tired little guy at 10:15 and was sound asleep well before 11:00. He got up earlier than I expected him to (I think 7:00?) and is doing very well this morning.

    I think he downloaded pictures into his files. He didn't get the digital until the State Capital because I forgot to get it from his dad the few minutes I saw him Wednesday night. I don't remember if I even had a chance to talk much to husband Wed night - he came home in time to usher at church and then left again early Thur morning. I'll have the Science Museum pictures put on something to convert to the computer files.
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    I agree, total success. He is doing his very best and succeeding. The goal now is to help him enjoy the experience. I'm proud of him and of his mom :)