Sucessful road trip last week

Discussion in 'Parent Emeritus' started by helpangel, Jun 24, 2014.

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    Others involved still tied up in court so still can't post the whole story on open forum, but all the charges against Angel have been dropped! YAAAAAAAAAAY!

    After a re-adjustment (kind of wish he had knocked me out and done 3rd surgery) and my 5th cast I got use of a couple fingers on right hand; smart ortho doctor still got my thumb encased (mouse clicker LOL) but don't need cap lock to do caps anymore and transitioning back to two handed typing; well kind of...

    also can use top row of keyboard now so if I #[email protected]!! %$#@! please understand it's just because it's something I can do now that couldn't a couple weeks ago (without holding shift with pen in teeth). If anyone had walked in these moccasins the past couple months would scream #[email protected]%! too then want to crawl into a vodka bottle and stay there.

    Anyway we are all alive over here and doing therapy... home, individual and group; charges against Angel dropped. Life is good, thank you all for your love and support.


    PS I take back every time I said I named wrong kid Angel, when I needed her she really came thru for me. She truly is an Angel
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    Glad to hear your update Nancy and that you are all on the mend. Celebrate! Sending hugs and good thoughts for your family.
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    Great update Nancy!! So glad to hear things are going well!!

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