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My gfgbro is at it again. I only let him back in my life because of the pressure from my parents and even from Wiz. husband and J were okay with it, so I said okay. Now we are all regretting it.

He is stalking us. J and thank you and husband have each seen him sitting at the laundromat near our apt watching to see if our car is coming or going. I didn't answer his call the other day so he waited to see husband come home and then came over. He has been asked not to do this, and he tried to barge in when husband would not invite him in. Gfgbro tried to take a step forward and push his way in, but husband just didn't move. husband isn't big, but if he doesn't want to move, you are not going to move him easily.

I was in bed with the migraine I have had for over 2 months now, and couldn't come to the door. My phone was out in the rest o the house so if it rang it would not disturb me. husband told gfgbro that I was not home because if he said I was sick then gfgbro would try to force his way into our bedroom to see for himself if I was sick and how sick I 'really' was.

I don't know what his problem is. well, I do. His daughter decided she could no longer live with him, so she is at her mom's full time and gfgbro can no longer control her. My father is micromanaging everything in my parents' home, so gfgbro cannot control their home for them because our dad is already driving our mom nuts and she doesn't have patience for gfgbro.

Gfgbro is heading for some sort of major crisis. I can feel it coming and so can husband. Last time husband predicted this, gfgbro ended up committing felonies. It will devastate our parents and then I will have to pick up the pieces again. Gag. What does the idiot want? My parents paid for grad school only for him to not do his thesis because he 'can't get a job in his field' . why the quotes? He never TRIED to get a job - he doesn't really want one. He wants to be his own boss, which results in him being an example for the business profs at the college for how not to run your own business. These profs are my mom's former coworkers and my poor husband had to sit through classes knowing the examples were about my gfgbro. My parents own his home so he doesn't really have to pay rent or bills. Theoretically he was supposed to buy the house from them, but he cannot even hold a min wage job because you have to show up on time to work to earn any money from any job and he is too good to do that.

I am so kicking myself for giving in. It has only been 6 mos since we let him back into our lives and already he is just out of control again.

Is it truly awful to say that once our parents are gone I won't have to deal wth him again? Cause I won't. I only did this for my folks because my mom was having panic attacks at the thought of me throwing a fit if gfgbro came over while I was at her house. Because he won't call before he stops in the way they DEMAND that I do. Cause he is 'too special' to follow the rules.

Thanks for letting me vent. I knew this would happen, I just thought it would take a bit longer. but I think he is drinking again. He smelled like it the last few times I saw him and husband thought he was when he was over trying to get into our home.


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I'm so sorry, Susie. I hear you about not having anything at all to do with him once your parents are gone. I want my father to live for another twenty years, but once he is no longer here on earth I will never ever ever ever have to even hear about to deal with my siblings who do nothing but hurt, abuse, and think they are being the normal ones.

We all have a history with our peeps and history tends to repeat itself. I could kick myself for giving people many chances when I should have walked away from the entire loonybin, minus Dad, long ago. Something to think about. You can not stop your parents from enabling your brother and not just letting this grown man either make it on his own or choose not to. While I feel for them, you'd think they'd have his number by now.

Sometimes you just have to say "enough" or you hurt yourself and the problem people are not worth it.


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Wow!! No wonder you have a migraine.
I'm so sorry you are dealing with this. What a nightmare. I feel so bad for you and your parents but in the end you have to do what you can live with.
That's no way to live always wondering if he's lurking around the corner.
I sure hope things will settle down.
((HUGS)) and I hope your migraine gets better.