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    How was everyone's summer. Haven't been around much. New job is out of town, and not allowed to use internet. When I am not working and in town, I am busy with appointments. Tomorrow is school registration, and I DREAD the start of school. We did find time to do some fun things this summer. How about all of you? What fun things did you do over the summer?
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    Kjs, this has been a stellar summer, compared with past summers!

    A lot of things that I had been working on in regards to my mother seem to all be falling into place, all in their own sweet time, of course.

    easy child moved out of our home - we're not happy with the location of her new place, but hey, she's 22, she can figure it out on her own. Other than that, she's been a little meanie, but I'm so over that attitude thing, so it's not really affecting me. See me around the holidays...☺

    difficult child has been absolutely pleasant and doing well, especially now, after months of searching and applying, by landing a full time job!

    I was able to get away a few times this summer: In May with my H up to NH, in July for an all girls weekend up in Maine, and last week H and I went to Fire Island off Long Island for his family reunion - it's been a lot of fun! I was also able to spend a lot of days sitting out by our pool relaxing and working on my tan, enjoying the yard.

    Last summer, I tore out my veggie gardens and decided that I needed a break. After busting my behind all summer working in my yards, I never had time to just relax and enjoy it. So, this year I planted a couple of annuals for spots of color and was able to have the time to enjoy the yard and pool and I loved it! I can always hit up the Farmer's Market or a local stand for my veggies, right?

    Tell us about your summer and the fun you had!
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    Good to "see" you! I'm glad you fit in some fun things over the summer! Our summer has been fairly quiet as difficult child has been at day camp most of the summer (not now though).