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Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by Kjs, Oct 6, 2007.

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    I was really surprised. I did leave a message Thursday, and he called me on Friday. We discussed what was going on at difficult child's middle school. I voiced my concerns, especially regarding the new Vice Principal.

    He replied several times that this is not acceptable. He didn't care what the vp had scheduled, there is no excuse for not finding time to meet with parents and discuss the concerns of their children.

    I mentioned how I would like to observe difficult child's class, to get an idea how difficult child acts. He asked if I would consider having another person, of my choice, observe the class. He suggested difficult child may act different if I were there, and we may be able to get a better view of things if he was not aware. He said I could choose whoever I wanted to observe. I am ok with this. There is one lady who I trust would get accurate information.

    Superintendent asked if I spoke to the principal. I have. I informed him of our meeting the Thursday morning. I informed him of her statement that she cannot overrule the vp's decision to suspend him. I explained he was suspended for not running in gym class, as well as the fainting episode, and how he explained he was not feeling well. He didn't elaborate much on all I was saying, but did acknowledge. Said he would be visiting the school next week. There is always time to meet with parents.

    Now it will either get better or worse. Hoping frustrations are not taken out on difficult child.
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    My guess is things will get better. The superintendent did not sound happy with the vp and I'm sure he'll here about it. I like the idea of someone else observing. You probably will get a better idea (as long as it is someone you trust).
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    Karen, This sounds very productive. Superintendent sounds like he sees where there is room to improve the school, and like he intends to make that improvement happen.

    I am so glad you contacted him. Fingers crossed that he applies boot to rear end and makes the changes!

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    oh my fingers are crossed. Hoping it goes the right way.
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    I hope he can make changes. I wish I could have gotten our superintendant to call me last year with our problems. He just sicked his lackies on us. Sounds like things went much better with your conversation than mine. *crossing fingers* Let us know!
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    Doing the Badger Dance that he sees this through.
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    Allright! I'm glad the super called.
    And having someone observe is a step in the right direction. I've got my fingers crossed!