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  1. needabreak

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    how is everyone doing.i have been thinking to actully send in a tape to supper nanny.she is soppose to be so good and i figure whats there to lose,even my childs theripist said go for it.i know it may sound crazy but im willing to try anything,not like it would actully get picked.has any one else tryed anything like that.
  2. Allan-Matlem

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    One of the messages on CD-com , is that there is no magic bullet , no quick fix , education is a process, a long process, so hang in there

  3. mightymouse

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    Ever notice they never do follow-up shows on these families?
  4. kris

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    darn, i wish i had paid closer attention when she cohosted on The View yesterday. they were talking about kids with-adhd & she didn't seem all that supportive of kids having dxs. very sweet about it but you know the old line about things being overdx'd...blah, blah, blah. then again i wasn't paying clost attention so i could be wrong. she does seem to place ~~~ not blame precisely ~~~ but responsibility on the parents.

    i'd really like to see a *where are they now* episode or two....but they'd only pick the success stories.

    on the flip side it might be worth a shot. you never know what your difficult child might respond to. it certainly shouldn't make things any worse.

  5. LittleDudesMom

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    You know, I don't want to take away from the many, many families she has helped. I have personally seen her go into homes where the children have just been running wild like little animals. Most of the issues where parent-based. However, I have seen a couple where the children are extremely violent and I am a little skeptical about what happens after the cameras turn off and time marches on.

    I believe that our children have more than "lack of parenting skills". I do believe that consistancy and consequences do help. However, I don't believe you can solve our children's issues with discipline and parenting classes. Not to say that it can't help, but it won't cure.

    But, give it a go. I wouldn't turn down any offer to help me with tips and education about parenting. I just wouldn't expect magic.

    Hang in there. Our kids can read the desperation in our eyes.

  6. timer lady

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    Man, if I thought super nanny would work, I'd have called in a minute. The tweedles are just not quick fix kids. There is too much below the surface to handle in a week.

    I try to remember these shows are all about entertainment & marketing value.

    If you think it'd work in your household - go for it! Can't hurt to try.
  7. Janna

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    I think the Super Nanny would work great in a situation where it is disciplinary concerns.

    However, when you have children with diagnosis'es needing psychiatric care and medications, unstable, the Super Nanny can't help you with that.

    FWIW, my son had a very hard time with discipline when he wasn't medicated properly. Although we had done all the behavioral modification, and everything was working okay, it was only working well for him 50-75% of the time, inconsistently. It wasn't until he was diagnosis'ed Bipolar/Pervasive Developmental Disorder (PDD) and medicated for that, that the behaviors got even better.

    I've never seen the Super Nanny, we don't have television, but I can't see any reality show ever helping a difficult child.

  8. needabreak

    needabreak New Member

    thanks it was just a thought.i mean sometimes i feel at the end of my rope.
  9. timer lady

    timer lady Queen of Hearts

    Honey, I know how discouraging this can be. It's overwhelming on any given day.

    Sort out the priorities & start working on them one by one. Whatever the symptom, behavior, attitude difficult child is displaying.

    It cannot be handled in one setting.

    My main priority has always been health/safe behaviors. I would take on all battles regarding that.

    However, I learned to let a lot of other things "slide" because given the level of challenge that my tweedles presented it just wasn't worth the battle.

    Homework comes to mind. I've given them the time, place & encouragement. But I wouldn't waste an evening in anger & arguments over a homework assignment. The environment around here would turn "toxic" & simply wasn't a priority.

    Take this a step at a time. :warrior:

    Be gentle with yourself. :flower:
  10. Liahona

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    I've thought of giving them a video too. Not because I'd expect difficult child to be fixed, but to just help me set up a consistant rooutine. I'm horrible at it.
  11. needabreak

    needabreak New Member

    me to.i mean i cant have a routine.mine changes every day.something is always popping up.or im just to mentally tired to do any thing.hats off to yhe parents who can there you have any tips on how to put together a sceadule.
  12. ForeverSpring

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    I wouldn't want my kid on television. I have a problem with exploiting kids for TV ratings. Plus, like most here, I'll bet things revert back to normal as soon as SN leaves the house. Lots of kids respond better to strangers than the parents they feel safe with. Kids with disorders don't respond to conventional parenting methods, which is what she teaches.
  13. TerryJ2

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    I like the writing style... funny and clever.
    But I kind of like SuperNanny... minus the commercials. I want to invite her over to yank my kids out of bed and whack them into shape! LOL!
    I think there's something to be said for both systems. Clearly, on network Prime Time, there's no time for delving into serious psychiatric issues. That's not what the show's about and it makes no claims to be.
    (Dr. Phil, on the other hand, isn't afraid to tackle an anorectic who is clearly ready to die at any moment. Yikes!)
    We all need systems.
    Even on chaotic playgrounds, there are rules. Think about it.
    The appeal of SuperNanny's autocratism is her calm, take-control manner, like the Grandma that Mom doesn't have and really needs, because Mom is at the end of her rope.
    Funny that the author writes that most viewers think, "Whew, at least my kids aren't that bad!"
    Not true for all of us, eh? :smile:
  14. rejectedmom

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    I do not watch super nanny much but the few times that I did I noticed that the parents were usually guilt ridden and super tired. They just wanted peace at all costs so they catered into the behaviors just to stop the tantrums. If there is not underlying mental health issues in the child and they are truly "just spoiled" then super nanny techniques in my opinion are valid. But when Mh issues are the problem well ... that is another issue entirely. -RM
  15. ForeverSpring

    ForeverSpring Well-Known Member

    What kids swear, throw things at the parents, etc. and don't have disorders? I really think most of the kids on SN have psychiatric and neurological issues. I grew up in a wealthy neighborhood (I didn't share that The kids were spoiled rotten. by age 16 most had been given cars that most average folks can't afford. As spoiled as they were, and most were also undisciplined, they didn't go around punching their parents or swearing at them or acting up in public. Heck, most of those kids didn't even HAVE parents around--their parents were at the country club, and nannies raised them. They still basically didn't act out. A few did, and I believe they were mentally ill. I'll bet 90% of SN's kids have psychiatric or neurological problems. Just a guess. I gave up watching her show. it got me
  16. witzend

    witzend Well-Known Member

    I've been having trouble logging in, so I have been lurking a bit. I don't think it could do any harm for you to send in an application tape. That being said, you don't have a profile of diagnosis's listed, so it's hard to know what's going on with your difficult child.

    As the parent of a couple of older difficult children, and as a semi-retired difficult child myself, I think I see the value of cognitive therapy more than I used to, so long as the people involved want to look closely at themselves and change. Maybe "Supernanny" would be what it is that you and your child need to get excited about taking a closer look at personal obstacles. I have only seen the program one time for about 10 minutes, and what I did see was a child who was severely disabled. It wasn't about changing that child, it was about relieving parental stress.

    I think it's reasonable to assume that even a child with mental health issues also has behavioral or personal issues and can be helped with behavioral modifications and/or cognitive therapy. Mom and dad too. Otherwise, it assumes that other than the MH issues the child (or the parents) are perfect and there is no room for improvement.

    If nothing else, it may give you some tools to be able to handle the stress of raising a difficult child more easily. It seems reasonable to not write anything off completely if there's a chance it might work.
  17. TerryJ2

    TerryJ2 Well-Known Member

    by the way, have you ever known anyone who has had a film crew in their home? I have. Maybe it's diff with-SN, but with-the cameras and sound equip etc. there's a potential to dent your woodwork, crack your tile, wreck the railings and bannisters, etc. Make sure that if and when you sign a contract, all of that is covered for replacement value, just like a regular ins. policy.
    Also, the ideas that SN comes up with-may be great, but the stress of having a film crew and set designer come in may offset it all. They may not do anything, or they may rearrange your furniture, FWIW.
    If you're lucky, they'll pay for all your meals. Sometimes they bring in catered lunches.

    Just another perspective. :smile:
  18. needabreak

    needabreak New Member

    well im trying to get a hold of a vidio know what could it mom always said he should be in the has currently been diongosed adhd and having him chevked also for a mood disorder.
  19. DammitJanet

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    Personally I think SuperNanny and Nanny 911 have some great ideas on helping parents learn some coping skills on dealing with all kids...easy child's and difficult child's. I have seen both on the shows. I think parents can all learn better methods. None of us are perfect. Will everything they advise work for every kid? Of course not. They know this and they will work to change what isnt working.

    I wish it had been around when mine were small.
  20. needabreak

    needabreak New Member

    thanks for all the comments ill let you know if i send in a tape and here anything back.