Support for Duckie, please...


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Sending prayers and hugs and lots of cyber ice cream!

I went through the testing with Missy a few years ago. I know how bad it can be.

I hope this will be the last time and that it goes well.

Poor thing!


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Poor honey. Testing is always scary. As we all know ODD tends to go up and down over the course of time. Hopefully the treatments will help contain some of the symptoms.
difficult child was always worse if he didn't sleep well. It became an escalating spiral of hyper,irritable and less sleep.
Sending good thoughts.


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Tell her that her Auntie Piggie just redid all her tests. OW!

It isn't fun, but she'll get through it. Give her a pig (typo but leaving it) hug from me.


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Awwww......poor thing. I've never had to do it but have heard it's definately no fun. Hope it goes as smoothly as possible for her and for you too! Let us know how she does.


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Thanks. She had a better day today after I told her I wanted "the mean" Duckie to go away so my little girl could come back because I missed her.
Some interesting things I've noticed since the effects of her treatments have worn off:
*She's not sleeping well
*She's toe-walking, spinning & making hand gestures
*Her tone is flat and loud
*She's playing inappropriately again
*Difficulty with eye contact and social interaction
*Quick to anger & irritable
*Argumentative & disrespectful
*She brought back her imaginary friend, Fava. She actually re-created a physical likeness much like a scarecrow to sit in her room, she used to do this when she was two & three years old
*Sensitive to loud noises and wild-eyed
*Very emotional and lost all sense of independence from me
*Obsessed on a few things (mastering the reading of a few new books & watching Noggin)

It's been a weird week watching my daughter deteriorate in front of me. Very hard. It was like I was watching her slip away from me. Not as bad as everything was in the past, but still there nonetheless. I appreciate the herculean effort she made today after her meltdown yesterday, I know it was very hard for her. But she did it for me. I'm humbled by that. :crying:
Thank you for all the good thoughts and prayers. It will be a long morning, but at least it's not a two day ordeal as in the past.


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Sorry TM- That is hard to watch... it had sounded like Ducky was doing so well. Hopefully she gets it back ASAP!!! That is nice that she held it together for you.


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Sorry to hear about the backwards steps, TM. yes, it's horrible watching your child deteriorate before your eyes. In difficult child's earlier years of school his issues ebbed and flowed like this considerably during the school year and then steadied out again in summers when he had less pressure and lots of downtime so I could control things like sensory input, schedules, snacks when needed instead of by the bell, etc. During those down cycles his Autistim-related issues would kick in, often 1-2 havng a domino effect on the rest. It was only last year in 3rd grade that the wavy curve of ups and downs began to settle into a steadier line with a few downward blips. I think for my difficult child that it takes so much more energy just to "maintain" in the school environment as compared to other kids that just being there is a stressor even when things are going well.


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Thanks everyone. Duckie went through it with flying colors, no tears or histrionics. She's off her dietary restrictions (at least for now) and he's going to have her take nasonex for her seasonal allergies. He said her behavior changes most likely stem from sleep deprivation. He thinks it will lessen as she catches up on her rest. She tested borderline positive for a soy allergy, so he will be sending her for a rast test to test that plus milk, egg, peanuts and tree nuts. He's also re-running some other blood tests to re-verify her autoimmune status. We are to keep the epipen.
It was nice to be able to pull into a fast food joint with Duckie and let her be a regular kid.


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TM, that's great! Those "dietary restrictions" must have been a real pain - for you and for her! And I'm glad she held up so well during the testing.


I think she deserves a Happy Meal every day for at least a month!

:salute: :salute: :salute: :salute: :salute: :nonono:


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<div class="ubbcode-block"><div class="ubbcode-header">Originally Posted By: busywend</div><div class="ubbcode-body">Yeah! How fun for you both to be 'regular'!</div></div>

That's right, Wendy! We strive to be normal here, lol! :princess: