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I was curious to know if any of you began taken medications because of the stress/depression of difficult child'S? Is this common?

If yes, what kind of medications and for what? Depression/Stress?

Thank you in advance for your response.



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Oh yes! I started out on Celexa, an SSRI, about seven years ago. It worked so-so for about a year, but just didn't help enough. Our psychiatrist switched me to desipramine (Norpramin), a much older tricyclic, and it's worked the best for me so far.

My initial diagnosis was depression, but it also has to do with the anxiety and stress I'm under because of the circumstances of my life (difficult children included). When a person is under constant stress, it can weaken you body's coping mechanisms. For some of us, once the stressful situation resolves, we get back to our "old" selves. For others (like myself) with a family history of depression and anxiety, we are predisposed to having stress push us over the edge and keep us there, even when the stressor is gone.

I've got no problem admitting that I need medication to function effectively in my life. Just as I would have no problem admitting that I needed glasses to see or insulin to digest my food or an inhaler to breathe freely. It's not a reflection of my character, it's just the way I am, and I'm grateful to have it as a support.
I began taking Zoloft a year after GFGII was born (post partum psychosis; you could have picked me up with a blotter). 6 months later, Topomax was added for anxiety. 2 years later, Wellbutrin was added as a boost for the depression.

I would curl up into a fetal position and :censored2: my thumb due to someone looking at me crosseyed if I were to go off these medications.


Lexapro now changing to cymbalta for the additional help of fibro mgmt. However, I have struggled with depression since a pre-teen. Living with a difficult child hasn't made it any easier, though.


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I dont take medication BECAUSE of difficult child's but because I AM a difficult

In a seriousness, I was born with a chemical imbalance which wasnt diagnosed until my late 30s. I lived many years in agony and put my family through hell because of something that was out of my control and for which I hated myself. I tried a few medications over the years and because they were the wrong ones they made things worse. I never tried anything else until I started reading about bipolar disorder in my late 30s. Then I found the strength to get diagnosed and medicated and the rest is history. I will never go off medications again if I can help it. I hate being that person. Its agony.

Better living through chemistry!

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Never took anything while my son was at his worse. (Last time I took any medication like that was 6 years before he was born.) Didn't see how medication would help any stress or depression I had because there was a external cause for it, not a neurobiological problem. I could take all the pills in the world but it they wouldn't change my son's behavior. And besides, after seeing what those pills did to him, I wasn't eager to take them myself.


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Tried a few, but none worked. Things got better with difficult child and the depression lifted. However, recently I started Wellbutrin for anxiety. I began having weird, strong thoughts in my head that I could not stop. Could be because I quit smoking. Or could be due to having a hysterectomy (kept ovaries).


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I haven't taken anything yet, but my mind is open to it. My mom suffered from clinical depression (extreme!) so I'm always on the lookout for "signs". I've considered it in the past (last year was wicked tough - and so has 2007 now that I think about it!), but that was when we had lousy insurance and wouldn't have been able to afford the script.

As a matter of fact, 2007 has been so crappy that I am celebrating New Years on Sept. 4th, you know, when school starts!




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Back in 2000, alone and stuck with 3 children that did not listen to one word I said, I went to see a psychiatrist, because all I did was cry and never wanted to leave my house.

I thought my life was over.

He tried me on a couple of things. Effexor. Paxil. Hated them.

I dunno how I got out of it. My diagnosis at the time was some type of General Anxiety Disorder and something about severe depression. I couldn't freakin' swallow. Anything, ever, at all. My throat was closed. Was horrible.

I got out of it. Changed everything around. Became a better parent. Learned things I didn't know. I did it all without the drugs. I was/am proud of myself.

Wish it was that easy for my son.


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I took Zoloft and then Lexapro to deal with difficult child and to a certain extent, problems with husband and finances. I was diagnosed with dysthemia (mild chronic depression). Lexapro helped me reach a point where I could help myself. I have been off and on it for a few years to help me get over the bumps.

I used to be very anti-medication and still am to a certain extent, but it was the only thing I have found that really helps.


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I take Wellbutrin, Effexor and Trazedone for depression. I believe I would have depression with or without difficult child's. Medication has been a great help to me. I can get deeply depressed and unable to get out of bed, when off my medications.