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    Yuck-difficult child is home this afternoon, suspended for shoving a staff member. It's in his iep that it should be in school but both the principal and I agree this seems warranted as long as it doesn't become a pattern then the iep will have to rule and they will have to figure out a way to staff inschool suspension.

    Not a realy fun afternoon, hopefullly this will help him get back on track but I'm not overly optimistic.

    This is his first out of school suspension in two years since we had the iep include no suspensions unless it was a level 4 offense.

    Can't wait for summer!
  2. gcvmom

    gcvmom Here we go again!

    Oh gosh! How is he handling it?
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    Hugs. Hope it helps
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    I hope it helps. You're having a tough row right now...hugs.
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    I have had two incidents that have happened with my daughter with Pervasive Developmental Disorder (PDD)/not otherwise specified. She is in the autistic classroom. SHe kicked a teacher without provacation. THat got her suspended for one day. However, she was suspended for THREE days last year in November before she went into the autistic program at our school. This has improved somewhat. For punishment, I would be careful of what I do for punishment. Perhaps taking away video games and tv, at least for the day. My daughter has trouble with sense of time. Just try to bear it. Hopefully things may get better. :D
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    i'm so sorry, so what does he say about it?? What happened that triggered him did you find out yet?

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    I'm feeling a bit guilty because usually when difficult child is suspended I make him do chores and school work. I got home this afternoon took away the remotes and all games, electronic devices but then I fell asleep. I just couldn't stay awake.

    He handled it o.k. but I don't think it made much of an impact. I'm not sure what really happened but I will e-mail is case manager tomorrow to find out more. He really wouldn't talk to us but eventually he said he was nervous about going into some kind of a break room where the door closes. I'm not really sure what that is about because he kept screaming that he wouldn't talk about it.

    Hopefully he'll have a better day tomorrow.
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    I am sorry that he was sent home. Who knows, perhaps this will have some type of impact....although his disability interfers with his ability to always think rationally, he does need to get the message that violence is not ok. Just like at home, you have Stop The World; perhaps there is something at school that can be established if/when he gets violent. What is in his BIP regarding responses to voilent behavior.

    You and I both know as teachers and parents that children should not be permitted to hurt/shove/attack teachers. Unfortunately, although we can get IEP's written to not suspend a child for misbehavior/aggression; it can not be tolerated. Unfortunately the law does not prevent mentally ill youth/adults from being prosecuted and charged with a crime. While I agree that certain behaviors should not warrant suspension (such as disrespectful commentary, refusal to do workm back talk), I do believe that our kids must learn that they can not harm others.

    I know things have been tough lately for difficult child...:anxious: Hopefully Friday will be better. Just remember that overall this has been a good year for difficult child....didn't you say it was one of his best yet...

    I'm not meaning to offend anyone with this comment..and I do believe there are many schools that oversuspend, but I also think that there are times that even Special Education students need to be suspended.
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    I was just saying to husband that the School needs to teach K without coddling her.
    It is a hard juggling act.
    Without going over board and without over stepping the boundaries considering our kids issues... hards decisions.

    I hope he is doing OK But learned from it.
    Suspension is a hard one. I hope we never have to deal with it!
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    I'm sorry Sharon :(.

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    Jannie-I agree there are times when he should be suspended and this was legit. Still I don't think he learned from it.

    Totoro-I too hope you never have to deal with it.


    I found out a bit more today. Apparently he was talking during instruction in art and telling other kids to shut up, threatened to punch the teacher so she sent him to the SAR room. The school psychologist who he really likes happened to be in the room and she said let's take a break and closed the secondary art room door and he rushed at her from 10 feet away and shoved her hard.

    Guess he didn't learn much because this morning when his case manager told him he'd have to wait a week before going for ice cream (was supposed to happen yesterday afternoon but then with the suspension it didn't happen) because of yesterday's suspension he threatened to beat her up.

    Then in the next hour class he also threatened to pound a teacher and called another student "stupid" repeatedly.