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I cannot link to the essay I wanted to post for all of us without also linking to my FB. The essay is Anne Lamott for Dec 7th, and is about having "faith in goodness, in life, in things mostly working out." She also wrote something about having faith in ourselves, about "the conviction that we are loved and chosen."

If you aren't familiar with her writing, Anne Lamott is clear and bright and funny and kind. She will make you think. She will brighten your life and open your heart and bring humility and acceptance and change everything.

This is what she had to say about why she quit drinking (and using):

"I was deteriorating faster than I was lowering my standards."

Hilarious, and yet, piercingly true.

Her blog this morning was about perfectionism, about being bad at something in the beginning and doing it anyway and showing up.

Appropriate kudos to Recovering Enabler for introducing me to Anne Lamott in the first place.