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Discussion in 'The Watercooler' started by Kjs, Jun 18, 2007.

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    My easy child started working out a few months ago. He has complained, he thought he had shin splints. His ankles would swell along with pain. Then he had severe swelling and he was in pain, so he went to Dr. That particular time he had 2nd degree sun burn! Blisters. Ok..that was about 6 weeks ago. His ankles are still swelling. To the point he cannot even put shoes or sandals on. He says it is not painful just annoying.
    I am worried. Why would this happen. He didn't work out on Friday and they were really big. didn't work out on Saturday, and still this morning he couldn't get his shoes on.
    My mother has diabetes, could this be a symptom? he is 24 and is still on my medical insurance for another 7 months. Then he will have no insurance. Should I be concerned? My ankles swell, but only when I am at work and I attribute that to sitting in a chair for 12 hours with little movement. Mine go down once I am done with work and walk around. His ankles don't seem to go down. he says they do, but for three days I have noticed only a slight reduction.
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    Is it worse at night? Are they swollen when he first wakes up?
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    According to him it gets better in the evening. I did not see this. His ankles were very swollen Thursday afternoon. down some, but still unable to put shoes/sandals on by Sunday Morning.
    I don't know what to think.
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    <span style='font-size: 11pt'> <span style='font-family: Georgia'> <span style="color: #3333FF"> i always tend to think of swollen ankles as more of an older person's issue i'd have him make an appointment with-his pcp. it's something that should definitely be checked out.

    </span> </span> </span>
  5. Shin splints could actually be stress fractures of the tibia (shin bone) I would imagine that this could cause excess fluid build up and swelling. Stress fractures can come from suddenly starting or increasing a workout routine, running on hard surfaces, and runing while wearing improper footwear.

    My difficult child#2 just went through xrays for a unrelated bad fall and the radiologist thought he saw past stress fractures. I read up on the subject.

    Any kind of fluid build up and swelling should definitely be checked out at the doctor's. It's propbably nothing - but it could be heart related.

    Keep us posted!

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    I would definitely have him get it checked out, too. He probably will not want to bother - but at his age, it would concern me, too.

    My feet and ankles swell occasionally, but I also chalk it up to sitting motionless in front of a computer at work for 8+ hours straight.

    Better safe than sorry!
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    Does he have any sort of rash? Down his shins or around his ankles? I am still battling a skin infection called "Erythmea Nodosum" and it is caused from a strep infection. My ankles were at the very least 3 times the regular size and my shins hurt. It was the most painful thing I have ever experience. It can last for weeks to months, I am going on 2 months now. You can google it and see as it comes with a rash.

    It is brought on by the same thing that causes strep throat although you don't have a sore throat, instead it attacks the skin.
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    When he first went in the nurse told him it looked like cellulitus(sp?). but that turned out to be severe sun burn. But his ankles had been swollen prior to that, just not blisters. I made an appointment for his ankles next week, and an appointment for a physical next month. Only his doctor doesn't do afternoon physicals and he doesn't get home until afternoon. works out of town Monday - thursday, and usually gets home thursday afternoon. So they set it up with the Dr. Assistant. Which happens to be a female. He wasn't to receptive to that. now that I made the appointment for this Friday, he tells me he may not be coming home this week at all. Figures. comes home every Thursday for 6 months and now decides not to. Oh, well, will just reschedule.
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    Kjs - if they thought it looked even a little little cellulitis then have him checked out for the erythmea nodosum, its more like a rash not blisters, that was one of the other things they thought I had. Even if his throat doesn't hurt have them do a throat swab.

    Tell him to get his behind to a doctor!
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    I agree with getting to a doctor. It could be many things. Are any of his other joints bothering him? RA comes with swelling.
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    Thanks everyone for your advice. I had been worried, but he just blows it off. I am wondering now if it wasn't 2nd degree sunburn when he went in the first time. He went in out of town because he could not even walk. He has scar's on his ankles he said is from the blisters. Wouldn't be the first time he was mis-diagnosed.
    When he was 16 he had bad sore throat and neck swelled up. doctor said, nope nothings wrong. That was a Friday. by Monday his whole head was swollen, like Herman Munster. I took him back and demanded they tell me what is wrong. He had Mono. Which was ofcourse passed on to difficult child who was 4 at the time. difficult child ended up hospitalized for a week due to complications. Still both of them test positive to Mono. I am told they always will.

    Last year easy child had a rash, itchy and painful all over his mid section. he went to a walk in clinic and they just blew it off as some type of allergic reaction. It got worse and he ended up going to ER. It was shingles. (he had no insurance then)

    So, I am real skeptical of the sunburn diagnosis since the swelling continues. I want him to come home and go to the doctor here. I want to go with because I know he won't ask them anything, but would they think it is odd for a parent to go with a 24 year old? Would they even allow it?
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    Sweetie, just go.

    I am 38. MY mom came with me to the ER, and yelled at every doctor and nurse that she did not think was doing what they should have been.

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    I dont think the docs would deny you being there if your son is ok with it. Depending on the situation I have been with my kids at doctor appts and no one says a thing.
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    Went with easy child to doctors office. Thank goodness I did. he had no idea how to check in, fill out paper work. Didn't know where his insurance card was. He didn't want me to go "in" with him, and I told him to be sure to mention this, and that, etc. He came out and had orders for x-rays and bloodwork. He was reading the orders on the way to the lab area, and it was x-rays for his ankles. He said even though his ankles swell, and his shin area and his feet...his shin area is what is so painful. He was hoping they would x-ray that area too. They asked him about family history of Gout, Arthritis, and Thyroid. Honestly, couldn't tell you a thing about his fathers side. (He left the minute he found out I was pregnant). My side has Thyroid, Arthritis, diabetes just to mention a few. They took 7 tubes of blood. I asked if he was suppose to go back..he said he didn't know. I asked if they were going to call, he didn't know. So, I will have to press these issues on him to get the results.
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    Well, at least he went. Is it possible for you to take him to the office to fill out paperwork so that the docs can talk to you about anything? Would he be receptive to this? He has a right to have them talk to anyone he wants, so they could call test results, etc to YOU and discuss questions then.

    I have swelling in my legs if I do much at all. My doctor (after much testing and we know a LOT is wrong with me, LOL but true!) put me on a "water pill" to take when my legs are swelling. Funny, but all over I was swollen. He is surprised, but has me taking them daily now.

    IF they suggest a "water pill" (diuretic) be sure to ask for a potassium sparing one. Otherwise even more problems could crop up.

    I hope it is nothing serious, but am thankful that the doctor is taking it seriously.