T-Ball was horrible

Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by april1974, Jun 8, 2011.

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    :sigh: Sometimes I want to run away from my life.....is that normal? Tonight the boys were wired and they feed off each other, all the other little boys on both teams listen to the couch behave etc etc...my twins were like 2 yr olds tonight, it was aweful, they were running around, back and forth from the field to us in the stands, near the end husband had enough and took E to the van and waited for the remainder of the game...the couch had to spend alot of time focused on just my two it was aweful! I was so mad. Tonight was a night that I wished my boys were on Ritalin.
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    Hi jan1974,
    I'm so sorry! :consoling: I do understand what your going through, we take our kids out, and look around and there are younger and same age kids behaving! Nope not ours! I understand about the "wishing of a medication" for them! Hang in there!
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    It certainly doesn't help when they feed off each other.

    And since they do..........maybe next time they try a sport it would be better to place them on separate teams. Each parent could be with them during practice. Of course I dunno what you'd do about games.....but usually they're held on the same days. Would give them a chance to sort of learn to be independent of each other too.

    While I know it was both embarrassing and frustrating.............ehhh, this stuff happens in little kids sports. In the middle of my grandson's tball game he sat down and picked clover flowers. Other kids have watched the clouds......played tag. It happens with little kids sometimes. Darrin is 7 and it still happens. His soccer coach had the team running laps because they kept socializing and weren't listening. lol

    But in answer to your question........oh yeah, pretty normal for a mom of difficult children.

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    Well, here's another voice saying "I understand".... What you describe is "normal" for me - this is what it's like when we are in a confined space where children are supposed to sit and attend. It often doesn't happen - or it happens for a limited period and then the helter-skelter begins... But then my son is truly hyperactive and it's not just him "playing up", it's that physically he has to do this, he has to run around. I too have caught myself fantasising aobut some medication that would magically transform all this - thing is, though, I don't imagine it does. Work quite so magically and seamlessly, I mean. But I don't know much at all about this area.
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    Thanks girls,
    I just feel so bummed, I think my pms is here which gives me mood swings, depression and my own mini rages. Right now I"m in pity party mode and hate my life, I wish I was alone. Sometimes I feel so burdened by work, marriage & 2 difficult kids. It wasnt supposed to be this way. :( I know it's a slump and thank god they won't be little forever, I can't wait till they are grown up. I'm tired & I'm only 37.