Take Care of Yourself...


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I was able to download and open the pdf. I love this. Saved it to my phone for a reminder to take care of ME. Thanks for posting!


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The stupid English language. We say we are going to "get dressed" when we really mean going to "change our clothes". But we don't even say "change our clothes" - we say "get changed"... as in, changed into a witch or a goldfish or...?!


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Great reminders. So simple, so effective.
I love the one about doing something small, just to accomplish something.
And about eating. Makes a huge difference.
Thank you.


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They're right about the clothing part. I got to the point with depression and isolation up north that i was running errands in the same freakin' men's plaid pajama bottoms and t-shirts, I'd slept in.

I just didn't care.

Besides, which, I didn't have any decent clothes that fit after my weight gain.

Once i moved, I found a couple of online "stores" that sell stylish, good quality clothing for "full-figured" women (why can't they just say "fat"?) , and purchased myself hte beginnings of a whole new wardrobe. All casual stuff except for a couple of "afternoon" dressy tunics that can be worn with leggings or similar to more formal events.

And, I started getting dressed to go out, and now, that I have a proper shower, (as opposed to standing in the tub and pouring pitchers overy myself.) I'm showering more often, because it's not a huge PITA. I got my hair highlighted.

ANd, yanno what? Despite my BFF's wife teasing me about hiring me on as her fashion consultant, I DO feel much better about myself when i look presentable.

Now, I just have to find a couple of pairs of casual flats or booties to go with all the slacks and stuff I got. As of right now, I have two pairs Ugg boots for cooler weather, a pair of cross trainers, and a pair of Merrell hiking shoes. One can't be too picky when one wears a 10 and a half AND has a narrow foot.

The hair isn't too expesnive, either. There's a cosmetology school about 3 miles from me. I get my hair done there very inexpensively, and since there's an instructor hovering over the students, no real fear of a major foulup.

Plus, as I told the nervous newbie who was cutting "live" hair for the first tiem, with the instructor guiding every move of the shears, Relax! It's HAIR. It grows back! Not only that, as fast as my hair grows, even if you do goof up, no one will be able to see in two weeks!"

I wound up getting a good haircut out of it, but it took nearly two hours for a trim that an experienced stylist could knock out in 20 minutes.

Still well worth it for 9 dollars of a wash and cut. And, I feel better with the gray hidden by the "foils" , too.

Thing is, not only do appearances count in terms of how others feel about one, they also make a helluva difference in hwo you feel about yourself.

My new wardrobe makes it so i can look good even if I am very overweight (and do not carry my weight at all well.)

Designer shoes? LOL! Well, my cross trainers are ASICs, some fancy limited edition things that cost me a fortune. BUT they fit and they're comfortable. The Merrells? Wore em in Germany and knew they'd fit if they had them in a size 42 (Euro sizing), which they did.

I keep going back to something my grief councilor said to me shortly after Stu died,

"Fake it at first if you have to. Eventually it'll become second nature, and then it'll become natural.

I've had to fake so much stuff in my life, what's one more little thing.

The only downside? I've got to wear a bra for my shirts to fit properly. I have got to find a Nordstrom's or similar and get fitted. I have a whole three bras which are showing signs of impending senility

I'll tell you one thing: I may get dressed to go out, but the damned bra goes on right before i leave the house, and it comes off as soon as i walk in the door.

I've gotten very proficient at removing a bra from under a button down shirt with one hand and without unbuttoning. I sure i could blow the doors off most teenage boys when it comes to removing a bra by touch alone, LOL!


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Oh, yeah. lol. A selfie. That would send me plummeting on a day like today--red nose, puffy eyes, no makeup.

I've only taken one: my shadow when I was horseback riding. :)


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I've never taken a selfie. I just know have a phone that is capable of doing so, and it's too awkward to hold the digital SLR bass-ackwards to do so.

I also do NOT photograph at all well at the best of times, and that with a proper camera and lighting, as opposed to the dork holding a phone in an extended hand.

I'll just have to stick with feline avatars, which is fine. At least i don't get hit up on Facebook by weirdos interested in the 12 year old strawberry blonde that's my avatar, and no one here on CD is interested in the one-eyed brunette, LOL!