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Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by compassion, Jan 9, 2009.

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    Day 54!!! Yesterday Jennifer asked how I was feeling. EXHAUSTED!!!! difficult child is pushing the limits so far. I am saying yes to stuff I do not want to. Like today she had Humane Society community service. She insisted on going to the community colllege with E. I was so stressed out, afraid she was going to use or bolt:she has been tahat unstable this week. She wants to go and spend the night at a place she has used before and I am now saying NO. i will have to keep her out of the house all weekend. I am about ready to collapse. I do have chiro tomoow abd massage Sunday. She is thrwiung fits that are lasting a lot of hours:it is exhausting. She did do academics for first tiem since October and practiced vollyball. She is thratneing to go use if I don't let her do what she wants. i recovered the gift cards she took . Right now my sona nd her are seeing Bolt,she had her voice lesson and he will take her to AA. iam staying off my feet, I am in so much pain. i will have my husband help wih dinner. Tomorrow, she will do Humane Sicietyl She is signing contracts and then throwing fits to do it her way. Aftert that is AA. She has only been to one AA meeting since dec. 29. I did meetings with her Tuesday and Thursday. She will go to one a day this wekend. She will go to shoping and to volleyball. Sunday will be church and volleybsall and movie more volleyball and meeting. Her tiem needs to be so structured. Her impulse control is zero. I found out today she did not go to movie she said she went to, she ends up shopping and all the money is gone and then some and she is not honest aobut what is happening. I have to keep her out of the house or she is badgering me.
    I am takn careof me by baths, sharing, lying down, not goign out of house today. Compassion
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    We all understand that all-encompassing times with our difficult children. You are absolutely right to take some time off and time for yourself. You have been so on that you probably are even thinking/worrying about it when you are sleeping!

    Take care girl,
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    Hey make it a two day thing. Remember that although you want the best for her and you are totally giving so much, i'm so impressed each time i read your threads on everything you are doing, ultimately the work is difficult child's.

    you have to take care of yourself i'm glad you are. i was wondering when you'd drop to be honest. lol

    make it an everyday thing, really. Take an hour each day just for your wants and needs. whether it be a cup of tea or a warm bubble bath, maybe read a book. you have to stay well also.

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    I'm exhausted just reading your post. Take care of you... or you won't be able to take care of difficult child.
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    Good for you for taking care of you today. Gentle hugs-you sound exhausted.
  6. ML

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    Alanon has helped me so much with detachment. Granted, it's harder with our kids than husbands, but it does help us to keep perspective and balance.

    It's been almost 4 months for husband!

    Hugs, ML
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    It is so good that you are looking for ways to take care of yourself. You really are doing great. Keep that armor on tight - go warrior mom go - I feel a day 55 coming on!
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    Baths are great.
    So is chiro and massage.
    I don't get enough of that, and I'm married to a chiro!
    Shoemaker's family and all that ...

    I hate to say Good Luck, because it sounds so lame, but I do wish you relaxation and peace.