Taking Responsibility


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I was really hoping Tay had learned something over the last two years but apparently I was asking way too much.

On the 4th Hubby and I took Bug to see her aunt and send them off on a cruise. Tay had the house to herself with her boytoy. They went to the fireworks and then came home and proceeded to light off fireworks at our house. Sounds perfectly harmless right? It might have been if not for the following:

1. County Burn Ban
2. Fireworks Ban
3. 1130pm in a historical neighborhood with no insulation
4. Family neighborhood with very young kids
5. She was drinking
6. I live on a military base where the Soldier is always responsible for their childs actions.
7. My next door neighbor is a police officer (MP)
8. Her boytoy was with her and he is a Soldier

Needless to say the MP came out mid fireworks and asked them were they done yet in a manner that clearly implied they were whether they wanted to be or not. Tay was furious. He was rude to her.

I personally think she should feel lucky he didn't arrest her for PI and lighting fireworks. Then arrest the boytoy for providing the alcohol. If it weren't for the fact my Hubby would get called on the carpet for it I would actually tell the MP just to arrest her next time.


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Is she old enough to drink?

The one time I left Princess alone I was really sorry. She threw a drug party. I know alcohol is legal, but it's a drug and alcohol and shooting fireworks, while a common thing to combine, is not smart. Unfortunate Difficult Child seems to have a very bad, immature attitude. I'd probably treat her as if she were younger than her age...as in no boytoys at home when we are not there. It is maddening when you feel like you have to babysit a young adult, but I'm sorry I left Princess at home that one time, but I believed her when she said she had quit.

Sometimes it has to hit us in the face, I guess.


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Is she old enough to drink?

No she just turned 20. I allow her light drinking in the house. She has pushed that limit a few times lately though so I am going to have to talk with her about overdoing it. I prefer her having a beer at home to her being out and possibly needing to drive or leave somewhere unsafe. She is muleheaded enough to do it.

She mostly dislikes people so parties aren't a concern. She really hates people in her house. Even as a teen she rarely had sleep overs. No drugs at this point that I know about and considering her black and white personality and her opinion of "druggies" I don't think thats an issue. As for taking care of the house other than dirty dishes and laundry she's good. The boytoy is too scared of my Hubby to misbehave. Thank dog Hubby outranks him so boy toy lives in fear :)

Thankfully I think I have a daughter with mental health issues without alcoholism or drug abuse. I don't have to peel back the layers of alcohol or drugs to find the root issue. I honestly just wish she would get some therapy to help her with her issues. Until then I avoid her since I am her main trigger.