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    and now I have no idea why I was hired. He led me to believe, before taking the job, that he was aware I was over quaklified and used to getting paid more but they could only offer X amount as a maximum and would I consider it. Of course I ssaid yes given that I"d been unemployed for over 18 mos. He also told me then that they expected their contract to be renewed and rewritten next year to include a hhigher qualified person who would be doing more things and if I took this job and the contract was renewed, I would probably be that "higher qualified" person and they could get more to pay me more. Wonderful!

    But if you've been following, things have seemed a little wishy-washy since I actually got to this area. First he discourage me from renting anything but a small apt with a short term lease. (That should have been a big red flag.) Then I kept hearing about a guy at work in another division who had decided to move to this division and how wonderful he was. And that they hadn't decided yet which role each of us would play. Then boss seemed to flip and over-react when I said I had essential trmors that were worsened under stress wnd with someone I'm not comfortable with standing over my shoulder while I'm working. The next thing I know, I have a letter in front of me to sign saying that I will get a 90 day review and if I'm not able to do job or satisfy client, my position will be terminated.

    By today, I have learned that people asked boss daily who he has argued with that day and he gets a lot of digs from others about being defensive and arguing. He told me he was picked on and beaten up a lot as a boy. He told me that he will "be grooming the guy moving from another division to this one for better things next year". That is exactly what he had told me, however, there will only be one spot for that "qualified person" so that means I'm not it, like he had led me to believe. Now, I might first think it was because of the essential tremors or something else I did that steered him in a different direction- but he was saying things about a short term lease, I might not even like the job and it might not work out, etc, the first weekend I moved here- before I even started at work or said anything about the tremors. And today when I made a comment about the 90 day review perhaps leaving me unemployed, he said that is why I should have rented something cheap and short term. Fine- but he wasn't elling me this kind of stuff or even that there would eb a 90 day review, much less a potential job loss at that point, when I interviewecd or accepted the job.

    I think he said all that to me, then found out he could get the other guy that he'd worked with in another division there and changed his mind. He has every perogative to do that, but then why am I there? If the other guy can handle it all- why did they hire me? He tried to make me feel guilty over having the job today- he said "I went to batt for you to get this salray". HELLO- he was the one who had said to me just what I wrote above- I didn't asked for a higher salary than that- I told him I would take it because it was better than the zero I was getting as an unemployed person.

    Whatever- it seems to me that once he found out he could get this guy on board, he didn't know what to do with me. I know he couldn't have much experience actually hiring people because he was clueless about typical emplopyment paperwork. Anyway, now I don't know what to do other than look for something else. It sure would have been nice if he'd told me that he'd changed his mind before I got to this point.

    We work with the client reps- physically, in the same location and right next to them. They seem to be happy with me. I am qualified to do this job but don't have the hx with this company already like the other guy. I understand them wanting to groom him. But I don't think it was right to lead me to believe something, find a "better" opportunity, then treat me like a third wheel because I'm there and they don't know what to do with me. He gave me about 20 mins training today on thei specific system- which I did fine with no serious tremor by the way. He's out for the next two days. I have about 5 hours of stuff to do during that time period.

    I am grateful to even have gotten this far back into the job market, but it seemes pretty obvious that 1) this guy isn't the best manager, 2) he changed his mind about who to help get the better job next year and it happened before I even moved here but he's trying to get me to see that this job won't last for me. I sure wish he had just called last week and told me that he had a job for me that would last 3 mos, or that he'd changed his mind, or whatever. At least I would have known what I was dealing with then.
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    I think I'd be wanting to talk to his supervisor or someone in human resources, asking for better clarification of job duties and expectations on both sides.
  3. Kimno,

    I'm guessing that your resume is polished and up to date. It definitely would not hurt to put out feelers for other positions. You are noticing some red flags here and I would trust my gut. Just keep the door open.

    I'm just so sorry that you are having to deal with such a wishy washy guy.

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    Add soap to wishy, washy and you get "bubbles". think you can get HIS job?
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    At this point, I would probably, very privately, re-circulate my resume. They don't need to know this and you don't need to share any more of your frustration with this incredibly stupid boss.

    Don't cause problems at your current work BECAUSE YOU ARE WORKING (!) and you are more employable when you are employed than when you aren't.

    Smile, be pleasant, see if there is other work you can do with the biggest, warmest smile on your face you can muster. Just bowl them over with your professionalism, teamwork attitude, and competency.

    Don't forget that people are watching. These are people who might be a future employer for you or might provide you with a lead or might be a really good reference. Make the most of this time and show them that you are a class act.

    I know you can do it.

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    Like Suz said, it is much easier to get a job when you have a job so I would just stay at this job and work as if you will be there until you retire. You just never know if someone else will get the contract next year and decide to keep some of the current employees. I have seen it happen. Or someone comes in from outside, notices you and contacts you on the side. Stuff happens. Just be professional and you never know what is going to fall in your lap.
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    It's been a long while since I was the new kid on the block...I don't envy you, lol. on the other hand being pleasant, efficient and responding to his communication in a simple professional way will allow you to blend. I would suggest that you skip over any conversations about the past or the future. I'm sure your anxiety level will reduce if you can compartmentalize and maybe
    your boss will chill out sooner.

    I'm rootin' for you. DDD
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    Yep, staying here as long as it last and being as congenial as possible, while putting resumes out and networking thru channels on the side, is definitely my plan.

    I don't think anymore that my anxiety is what caused the change in my boss's attitude- actually now I think that my anxiety wasn't so much due to starting back into the work force and getting comfortable with a new boss as it was picking up vibes from him that something just wasn't adding up too well. He first mentioned something about trying to work something out with that guy when I first interviewed with him but then he said it was for a different position. It was just yesterday that he told me he wanted to groom the guy to learn what I'd be doing too to prepare him for next year- which he had told me I would be the one to have "bot jobs" next year if the contract got renewed. So he basicly was telling me he changed his mind and now it's that guy. He also told me yesterday that a big red falg went up about me when I asked if the company could pay me a full check my first payday since they hold pay for two weeks and given my start date, I would have to work three weeks to get four days' pay otherwise. The company agreed. I told them that I didn't mind at all if they deducted some from my check to following 2-3 pay periods to make up for it and get me consistent with everyone else but the HR person said not to worry about it. The partner had said it was ok and they'd just leave it that way but not to tell anyone because it would cause a stink with other employees.

    Well, she or the partner told my boss because he knew and I hadn't told anyone. The way he talked yesterday, this is what really caused him to change his whole opinion of me. Last night I was still thinking he was just using that to justify telling me one thing about the job, then deciding to groom this other guy for it. But after sleeping on it and realizing he's said several things that seem like "digs" that are indicative of someone who is really ticked off or just plain dislikes someone. Of course he didn't act that way at the interview and he's the one who got me the job. But yesterday he said asking about getting a full check for two weeks' work after three weeks instead of four days' pay just really was out of line, in his book. Even though he turned around and said he understood why I asked.

    Anyway, I think the guy has some anger management issues and there's also some issues about the company CYA'ing themselves because they just got an amendment to the current contract asking for more money so they could hire a certain amount of new employees to do additional requested work. Fine- now they got their amendment and extra income so what happens if they get one employee to do jobs they'd told the client they needed two people to do, then get rid of one employee?

    The company only has three people in this place working with the client and other clients' reps. Those people far outnumber us. Those are the people I'd prefer to be working directly for. I haven't had any issues at all getting along with them or them liking me or anything like that. But my biggerst concern now is that my boss and the other person from that company will start bad-mouthing me to these clients/reps in order to justify getting rid of me after only three months. But I want a good recommendation from the client/reps.

    Oh- and yesterdday boss said "because I am getting a salary of X, the other new employees had to take less pay. I felt guilty but then I realized, boss offered me that salary, I didn't demand it. I would have taken anything. I think he's just either playing games with me or trying to justify things to himself. I don't think he's a very responsible manager though and am starting to doubt how much experience he has in that role. He didn't know squat about the typical paperwork people fill out when they take a new job.
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    three things-

    1. I agree with everyone that said basically keep your nose to the grindstone and do what you were hired to do and be cordial and pleasant. Don't get into any personal discussions with boss.

    2. Sounds like the boss is a little off - ignore everything he says other than specifics about your job (i.e. "do this", etc.). Don't stress about it, don't give it another thought. But, never stop keeping your eyes and ears open.

    3. It's not unusual for him not to know about the hire paperwork. Bonehead and I have been working together on our business since 1982 and he STILL DOESN"T GET IT! Some minds just don't keep track of the administrative details - not to mention, hire paperwork has no real impact on a supervisor/boss other than it gets processed so their hire can work!

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    Oh he's definitely got his own issues. Between him going off in the car about the needs of teen boys when we were looking at apts and his wife said something about him being so concerned about racial statistics, others at work commenting on him getting into arguements every day and asking if he gets laughed at a lot, him telling me he was beaten up "all the time" as a kid, hime telling people on the elevator at work that he's "just a measely contracted employee", asking the IT guy (who per boss's request gave me a laptop instead of a desktop) if he could get a new laptop since I got a new one instead of a used one......
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    But I also thinks he has decided that he wants me out of there. He told me that I might not be traveling any time soon now because he wasn't sure when he'd be comfortable sending me somewhere. That made no sense because it was completely contradictory to what he'd told me before and he knows I have traveled in the past. I wondered if maybe he's so defensive and over-reacts so much that he just said that because I told him I couldn't work on the computer with someone standing over my shoulder until I became comfrotable working with them. (I also told him it only takes 2-3 days to get to that.) Then he referred to that letter I got from the company that said my position would be terminated if it was reported that I wasn't able to perform my duties or the client wasn't satisfied with my work at my 90 day review. He said that the other employees' got letters saying they would get a raise at their 90 day review if they had done a good job. But mine was worded that way because I was taking a salaray that prevented them from getting paid more. I think it's obvious that he's going to make sure I get terminated. None of the higher-ups in that company are in this state and I've never met them. They only have what boss tells them to go on. It's like he's so angry with me he can't see straight. Really, he used the private info he knew about what was in each new employee's letter about the 90 day review just to try to make me feel like koi. Over getting a salray the HE proposed to start with. He can't use the tremors/working on the computer issue anymore because yesterday he sat right beside me and told me what needed to be put in this software on the computer for 20 mins and I did it with no problem. You see- now I know what I'm dealing with. It doesn't mean my hands never tremble but that it comes and goes and is not going to interfere with my job in the long run. The military never claimed it interfered with my job when I was on active duty and no employer since then has. I will have one heck of an issue if he tries to claim this.
  12. Suz

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    I wonder if your boss is defensive because he feels as deeply scrutinized by you as you feel by him? Certainly the detail in which you post about him indicates that there isn't much he does that gets past you and from the sounds of it you seem to be openly questioning everything. I'm not sure that him.....can stand up to the kind of scrutiny you both seem to be giving each other. It is way more intense than anything I've ever experienced for being so new on the job and I've been working a very long time and had a lot of bosses and jobs.

    There is no doubt that you and the boss have not gotten off to a good start. Hey, it happens! Is there any way that you can step back a couple of paces, K, and relax a little bit? Like Sharon said, keep your nose to the grindstone and say as little as possible to your boss. Document everything you want but say little. Like I said earlier, smile, be a team player, yada yada, you know the drill.

    You might have a 90 day review period but it's my guess that if things don't change soon, he probably doesn't have to wait that long to let you go if he wants to. PA is an "at will" state which means that you can get fired pretty much any time. I don't know what your new state is, but you might want to check the laws on that.

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    This state is, too. They can let go at will and for no reason. I will do what I've said and was suggested but i sure am not ignoring these things he has said. I don't think I should stick my head in the sand about them and count on being here 1 year, much less more.
  14. Suz

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    No one is suggesting that you stick your head in the sand. Read the responses again. You've waited a very long time to get a job. It's obviously not your dream job but we are all suggesting that you use this time wisely while you continue your job hunt for something else.

    It's an opportunity to earn some money.

    It's an opportunity to fill a gap in your resume.

    Even if you are "over qualified", it's still an opportunity for you to get more experience.

    It's an opportunity to make connections.

    Try to alter your perspective to a positive slant about what you ARE getting and not what you AREN'T getting.

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    I didn't get a chance to read all of the responses. I would keep sending out those resumes. If talking to human resources is practical, then do so. Until then, do the best possible job that you can. You just never know what might pop up in the meantime. Someone could go out on maternity leave, get sick, quit, get fired....and so on. Maybe you can step into another position. Keep positive.
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    That's my plan. I thought about talking to the HR person but since I've never met her in person and she told me not to tell anyone about them planning to pay me in full after three weeks, then my boss knew about it so I don't know who told him- the HR person or the partner who approved it- I'm a little afraid that anything I say to anyone in that company would get back to him and he'd take it worse than what I meant it. I am going to update resumes I'd had online before since contact info has changed. Then I'll look for other places I might be able to send one to without having to move. As far as the ones online, he might find out about them but I'll just have to deal with it if he does- I think I'll tell him that I went ahead and kept them out there since I've been informed that my position might be terminated in 3 months.
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    I agree with-you and the others... just do your job, do it well, look elsewhere, discreetly.
    And NO MORE GUILT about the salary. Don't even discuss it. This is a biz deal, not a parent/child relationship.
    Your boss needs too much training. He'd drive you crazy after awhile with-an attitude like that anyway, so it's just as well that you'll only be stuck together for a few months.
    Keep your chin up and keep looking forward.
  18. DDD

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    There is nothing you can do to change his personality, his perspective, his past history of having difficulty with others. That is his baggage. If he is personally insecure, it is "normal" for him to be worried about how "his choice" is perceived etc.

    That being said...if you keep a low profile and prove to be an asset to him and the company, you're definitely going to be in a better place than you have been for the past year or so. If no criticism can be heard about you and his productivity increases you may have found a long term position. Settling in is a hard process. Uncertainty is stressful for all of us.

    It's only been a few days. You're past the initial jitters. You know your way to the ladies room and to lunch and the procedure for coming and going. Your professional skills are smoothing out. Avoid forming bonds with anyone. It's not
    all good, but maybe it will be. Try not to overanalyze and go with the flow. You're good at what you do. They are lucky to have you. I'm hoping for the best. DDD
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    Well he came back this morning from a 2-day trip for work and he was all smiles and friendly and sayiing he had plenty of work for me now but he'd have to wait until tomorrow to give it to me because he's busy writing a report today. Maybe he's just a very moody person. LOL!
  20. mog

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    Your manager sounds kinda like my ex-manager. I lost my job on Monday. When I started she was excited that I could take on some of the responsibility since I have been in the field for so long but little by little she started taking it all away saying that the consultants they are working with want her to do it so when I asked if there was something else that I could do to help ease her workload she would said yes I'll fill you in later and that never happened. I think that she got a little scared when I started finding a lot of errors in the accounting ledgers. At least I didn't move anywhere like you did. Really hope things get better for both of us. : )