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Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by wakeupcall, Jun 9, 2008.

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    My difficult child has a habit that he's had for years and years. Unfortunately, I think husband and I have gotten so used to it that it's part of difficult child's demeanor. That doesn't mean that we aren't aware of it and I tell you, it bugs me to no end. difficult child pounds, taps, kicks on everything all the time. I wonder if it's more of a tic? We sit at our kitchen counter for all meals and everytime he sits there he's kicking the counter, or tap tap tapping on the counter with both hands on each side of his dinner plate, or using his knife to ding ding on his beverage glass, or shaking the table at a restaurant. We remind him over and over and over to STOP!! It's maddening. Even after being reminded he can't seem to stop for longer than 60 seconds. Even after all these years it's very annoying. Do any of your difficult children do this? How can I get it to at least lessen?
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    Sounds like it's his way of releasing nervous energy. You might want to find a way to keep his hands busy. Have you thought about giving him a stress ball to squeeze when he feels the need to tap?
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    I agree with small - it is probably a release for him that he is unaware of. I would think that would be hard to get a handle on. Has it created a problem at school?

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    It could be a stimulant, rather than a tic. My son does that, however it's not anxiety, it's Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD) stimming. He is better now that he's older. You may want to look into Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD). I would especially want to look into this if his birthmother took drugs or drank while pregnant. That happened to our son.
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    Good advice so far. I was thinking nervous energy as well.
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    My son's tics (or stimming) seem to have evolved from biting/sucking on shirts and throat clearing (his allergies strart it up and it becomes habit) to fingernail biting and biting the inside of his lip. He got tired of people making fun of him for eating his shirts. Kids can be so intolerant.
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    Ask him if he gets to a point where he HAS to do this kick or tap if he tries not to.

    That is what the neuro doctor asked my difficult child when she was diagnosis'd with tics. He said can you stop them and she said yes. Then he said but do you think about doing that so much that you have to before you can stop thinking about it? She said yes. Then he said it is a tic then.
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    It sounds like stimming, but I would check it with the neuro doctor. I used the phrase "repetitive motion" to let difficult child know when he was doing something like this. Now I use it with all 3 kids.

    What can he replace this with?? Is there a stressball he can squeeze, or something he can do instead? This might save you a lot of aggravation and arguing over it.