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  1. Jena

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    to shave tonight, her legs for first time!

    i had to share because it was really funny. raising easy child was so different, she met all her milestones with-absolutely no pushing at all. she just did it.

    whereas with a difficult child like mine you have to teach and push each step, so different. i'm trying to get her to want to be older, out of baby cling to mom mode.

    so i got some bath gels to help with her wanting to keep up with hygiene, kinda trying to teach her to be girlie a bit. so i lit a scented candle for her, gave her a magazine and said this is what girls do. you destress take a bubble bath read your magazine, etc.

    than i said it's time to learn how to shave.... well she was so excited she could barely stand still. it was cute.

    when we were done and her anxiety was through roof entire time mixed with excitement she said "wow is there anything else on me we can shave?"


    trying to get ms. thing ready for the period
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    LOL! Tossed mine in her bubble bath this afternoon and she asked me to go get her a magazine. Why? Because I read in the tub all the time and she wanted to do it. She already uses my shower gel on her Spongebob bath sponge.
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    I didn't shave my legs till I was 21. Even now I shave maybe 3 - 4 times a year. When daughter was about 14, I realized that maybe I ought to talk to her about it. She had recently gotten her period, which I HAD talked about because I got it at 11. I bought her a Venus razor and some shaving gel stuff (I usually just use H's razor and bath soap or shampoo in the shower, I never take baths, not since I got stuck in one for 4 hours in my 9th month with easy child). I went in to present her with the stuff and show her how to use it and she said "Oh, I've been shaving for 2 years already, but this is the gel I like!"

    It's nice that you were able to have that moment with your daughter.