easy child went to the fair after school. The fairgrounds are close to the school and he and some friends walked to another friend's house who lives close by, dropped off their backpacks and then went on to the fair.

I didn't hear from easy child, so I called his friend's cell around 8pm to find out when they were coming home and how they were getting here (figured I would be picking them up cause I'm usually the one to do that). He said friend's dad was picking them up at 10:15 and he was probably staying with friend tonight (friend lives around the corner). I said fine, that I would leave the door unlocked in case he needed to come home as I would be going to bed soon. by the way, can you tell we live in a small town? No school tomorrow because of the fair.

I have a nasty cold and took night time robitussin. easy child comes in at 11pm, does a couple of things and then wants to know if he could go to other friend's house to get his backpack. Um, no. He makes a snide remark about his backpack being there and he just wanted to be able to do his homework. Like he was going to do it tonight, hah! He was going to stay at his friend's.

I then told him to help his sister with something and he just stood there and stared at me, refused to move. Then he starts to argue with me. I told him I wasn't arguing, told him to help his sister. He just stands there. I tell him to move. He doesn't. I yell, "Move!" (like you hear in the military...Move! Move! Move!) He doesn't. He proceeds to argue. I tell him he's grounded.

He then insists he's still going to his friend's. I tell him he's not. He says he is. I tell him if he leaves the house, I'm calling the police. What are they going to do, he asks. Charge you with being unruly, I respond. Then what will they do, he asks. Take you to juvie, I respond. He says he's still going, then goes up to his room. I'm left wondering for the next few minutes if I'm going to end up calling the police on my son tonight.

He then comes downstairs because he wants to talk about things...fix them. IOW, he wants to be un-grounded. He tells me he acted the way he did because he didn't like my tone when I told him no about going to get his backpack. I told him tough cookies. I'm sick, it's late and he got the answer he got. He doesn't have to like it. It's going to happen in life. A teacher or a boss or someone else is going to be tired, or sick, or in a bad mood or just plain nasty and they are going to talk to him in a way he doesn't like and he's just going to have to learn to :censored2: it up. Besides, I really didn't like it that he thought it was ok to make that request at 11:15 on a weeknight when I'm sick. Duh.

He wants to continue. I told him I was done with the conversation. easy child doesn't think things are done until he decides they are done. Too bad. I've been nice for way too long. I'm taking back my house. It ended with him stomping up the stairs saying that he didn't see what the big deal was as I was only going to have to ride in the car so it shouldn't matter that I didn't feel well or had taken night time medications. :grrr:

Whoever said that "mothers of teenagers understand why some animals eat their young" was so right on the money. Ugh! :hammer:

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Reminds me of a conversation with Nichole tonight.

* Mom best friend N nieghbor found this kitten...


* But Mom the guy is gonna put it to sleep if N doesn't find it a home.


*How can you say that knowing the guy's gonna put it to sleep?

His choice. NO

* But it can stay in my room, and N will pay for food and supplies.

NO. Baby isn't going to have a litter box in the bedroom. NO

* I'll give you a hundred dollars of my school money. And clean the whole house.


*How can you be so MEAN. It's just a little kitten! It's gonna die....

If you bring that kitten home, both you and kitten will be looking for a home. In fact, if you so much as bring another animal into this home you'll be looking for a new place to live.

Too bad, so sad. I'm fed up.

by the way, I talked to Nichole's friend N tonight. The guy agreed not to put the kitten to sleep if she'll help him care for it. lol Nichole doesn't know this yet cuz she's sleeping.

in my opinion teen behavior and attitude is to help parents PUSH them from the nest when the time comes. :slap:

Sorry easy child gave you such a hard time tonight. Hope you feel better soon. :flower:



And I didn't even mention how I went with him last night to get money out ($30) so he could go to the fair today because he didn't bother to tell me until after 8pm last night that that was the plan for today. OR how I spent 5 hours fixing his computer Saturday because he's gotten some nasty virus that we can't get removed (yes he has anti-virus) only for him to complain to me how how slow his computer is running now. At least it's running which is more than it was before. It's because we can't get the virus off and I'm not feeling very inclined right now to research it more. If he hadn't been clicking on things he shouldn't have, he wouldn't have gotten the damn thing in the first place. I ran virus scans on both my and difficult child's computers and no viruses. Imagine that.

AND his idea of fixing things tonight was telling me everything he thought I did wrong. He was even bringing difficult child into it, telling me everything I do wrong with her! HAH! He's always complaining about difficult child!

Can you tell I'm annoyed with the kid?!!

I told him at one point that if it was so bad here, then maybe he should go find a new mother. He said he couldn't, he was stuck with me. I told him that I was awfully sorry his mother was so mean. :rofl: Too bad. So sad.

Rotten kid.


<div class="ubbcode-block"><div class="ubbcode-header">Originally Posted By: Daisylover</div><div class="ubbcode-body">in my opinion teen behavior and attitude is to help parents PUSH them from the nest when the time comes. </div></div>

Push them, shove them, send them flying...whatever it takes to get them out! :rofl:

Everytime he pulls this crap I think of a card I got for a friend when she had her second child. It read:

"Aren't babies cool?"

"If they started out as teenagers, they'd never leave the hospital."

Yep. Cause not one of us would be stupid enough to bring 'em home! :rofl:


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Um, you're going to get mad a me :wink:

but didn't you bring this on yourself? :wink:

Um, you posted the other day about how great he's been...

...you "jinxed" it...




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The BIG difference between him and a difficult child is that he went back upstairs and didn;t leave. A difficult child would have just flicked you the finger and left. That's what we were dealing with all the time, even the police being called didn't make her stop and think.

I know it's annoying, I know it's a lack of respect....but he did think about it and came down to try to make things better. My difficult child has never ever and would never think about it and try to make things better, she just digs herself in deeper.

Now if this were my difficult child I would be wondering what was in her backpack that she needed so badly that night, certainly not her homework.