Testing done and a teacher vent!


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Sooooooooo my son had testing completed yesterday (Tuesday). He had the WISC IV (IQ test), the VMI (visual motor integration) test, the CPT 2 (ADD/attention) test, and the NEPSY (executive functioning) test; which I am not sure exactly what that entails. All of this was done in one appointment and took about 3 hours to complete with a one hour break in the middle. I will have the results of this next Tuesday and hopefully they can provide us with some insight.

I had a LOT of questions before this round of testing began. Last week we had the Autism test...it is pretty self-explanatory what this was testing for. I was not sure however, exactly what all of THIS testing was looking for. I asked the Psychomotrist (neurospych technition) my questions; what are these tests testing for, what was seen in evaluation that has led in this direction of testing. Also why we were doing an ADD test, when none of our concerns were related to attention problems (or so I thought.) Unfortunately, she told me that she only does the testing that the Dr. orders and had no answers for me and that I can bring my list of questions and get my answers next week during the results appointment. Kind of backwards to me, but oh well. I am looking forward the the results appointment, I am praying for answers.

On another note:

My difficult child came home with his progress report today with some very "interesting" notations on it about his "behavior" in class. Mind you, I save EVERY progress report and report card. THIS progress report was like any other in most ways. Above grade level in every subject with the note that he is continuing to meet academic skills for this quarter. Under the behavior part of the report however, there were things checked off that had NEVER previously been any sort of issue....never before until......the Dr had the teacher fill out that questionnaire before our appointments. SUDDENLY, now my son appears to have "trouble completing classwork on time, trouble completing homework on time, paying attention in class, and trouble controlling talking." Umm...perhaps this lady doesn't realize that ADD is not what brought me to the Dr's to begin with and apparently had never been any sort of issue until this form came home?? I am just at a loss as to where all of this came from as NONE of this is mentioned on any previous progress reports or report cards.

I guess I will wait until Tuesday when I get my results of the testing, then go to the school and find out what is going on here. I don't think it will do me any good to ask for a parent/teacher conference as when I asked for one when my son was having great difficulty in reading out loud...she (teacher) told me that since he was on grade level, and in the upper grades they don't read out loud much, there was no need to address this problem or have a conference. Nice huh? I just don't get it sometimes.

I am cautiously optomistic at this point.

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I hope I'm wrong, but I have some reservations about your neuropsychologist. I've not heard of a technician administering the testing. Maybe others on this board have. 3 hours doesn't sound like much time to administer all those tests. I'm not trying to scare you. Just what I thought as I read your post and remember your last post on this subject.

I would be wondering, too, why the teacher had failed to bring these matters to your attention prior to this. :rolleyes:

Keep us updated. Good luck.

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I know in the city that I live it is common for someone else to do the testing and then the nueropsych. interprets. One of the reasons we took him to the neuropsychologist we did is psychiatrist liked this one because he did his own testing and interpreting but like I said it is fairly common here the other way. I hope the results are insightful.

Too bad about the teacher part-do you think maybe he has been having more trouble lately or that it is only because of the questionairre.



My son recently had a 10-hour neuropsychologist evaluation. Five hours of the testing were administered by the actual neuropsychologist, and the remaining five hours were administered by his psychology associate. The neuropsychologist then evaluated the test results, sat down with husband and me for a two-hour interpretive conference and wrote a 33-page report detailing his findings and recommendations. It was a very thorough neuropsychologist evaluation.


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<span style='font-size: 11pt'> <span style='font-family: Georgia'> <span style="color: #000099"> any neurospych evaluation i've read about here has usually been spread over two days because it's so long & so intense. three hrs seems odd to me.

can't wait to hear what the teacher has to say about that progress report. sounds like she might be a tad too suggestible.

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I honestly feel that the progress report has to do with the teacher questionnaire. I am sure that MOST of the time teacher's get these things it is due to kids with ADD, I could be wrong though of course. There was nothing like this noted on his 3rd quarter progress report, and nothing on his 3rd quarter report card so I am not sure how all of this suddenly became quite an issue. I have not had notes home about any of these things; I check and make sure all of his homework is done; and in my opinion, she is the one in control of the classwork and if it was an issue, she has never let it be known to me until this progress report. The only thing that has been different is the teacher questionnaire. It is, in my opinion, highly suspicious for sure that it is the reason for the sudden ADD like comments on his progress report.

As for the testing....he did have 2 days of testing. His first round of testing was only an Autism test though (about 2 hours), which she said he passed, no problems. I did question her about his eye contact issue, which she said she never noticed. I did post earlier about this visit around late April. I did ask the psychomotrist to try to pay special attention to any eye contact issues during this round of testing....whether or not she did though I do not know. This 2nd day of testing was for the other tests...and took about 3 hours total. Combined, he had 2 days and 5 hours of testing. I guess we will soon find out if it was enough to find out what is going on. I am CERTAINLY not taking...this is just the way he is wired..type A personality for an answer...if I hear that one more time I think I will scream!

Have a great day!