TGIF.....Good Friday morning

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  1. timer lady

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    We made it! The week is about over!

    Good morning all,

    It's been a busy kt week; that with calls about wm have kept me very busy.

    My only errand today will be getting my brakes looked at & a quick stop to the grocery for milk, eggs & such. Not sure I'm looking forward to another weekend alone with kt. So far no help is willing to take her on PCA wise.

    Which is proving difficult to schedule my PT & speech therapy appointments. I'm going to let her come home to the house empty today so I can get my brakes checked ~ if the house is still standing & she's here when I get home we know we've passed a test of sorts.

    Done with the whine. I'm up & prepping my canvas for the new painting I'm about to start. I spent the last week or so sketching & putting my palette together & for some reason I'm a bit nervous starting this one. Looking forward to it as well.

    Piano lessons this morning - ahhhh, love this part of my week.

    Have a good Friday.
  2. LittleDudesMom

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    :blizzard: Good Free Choice Friday Morning!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Love saying that.....

    Hey Linda, a test is just that, a test. She either passes or she fails. Don't think there's a middle of the road on this one. I bet she does ok. I'm not sure I would have scheduled the brake check though, what if it takes longer? I might have just driven to a drive-through, got a cup of coffee, sat in the car and read the paper for awhile! That way I could go home on my schedule... Have a great piano lesson. Saw that you rang yesterday - couldn't take the call - give you a buzz today.

    We are expecting a mixed bag here in central va - snow this morning, then sleet, then rain tonight, then snow again tomorrow!

    So, my computer at the office is seriously infected :throwpc:! Somehow between Tuesday and yesterday, something attacked the computer. It's a major mess! In four hours yesterday the only thing I got done was enter timesheets. Computer would freeze up after one application. Qbooks couldn't process the payroll because it couldn't read the tax tables! I'm going to have to go back in this morning. I may have to restore my computer. Fortunately I backuped QB's last thursday so I would only have to recreate a weeks work. Really frustrating.....

    But, it's Friday so I'm mot going to worry.....if I have to go and do payroll by hand this week, so be it. Hope your Friday is a little less complicated than mine!

    Sharon :peaceful:
  3. Marguerite

    Marguerite Active Member

    G'day for Friday.

    Linda, here's hoping kt passes the test (and so do your brakes).

    Sharon/LDM, sounds like you've got several climates in one day! I hope you can restore your computer soon. The problems sound really annoying.

    We had our morning outing today which stretched into mid-afternoon. The dentist is lovely - he also has confirmed for me what I suspected for years, that the dentist I had as a kid was drilling into healthy teeth and charging my parents for work that they could ill-afford. I also kept getting into trouble from my parents for not looking after my teeth; an orthodontist had offered to straighten my teeth as a favour, for free, but my parents turned it down because I allegedly wasn't looking after my teeth - and I was!

    I have to go back to get a broken filling fixed - since I was a kid, that is just about all I've ever had to have done to my teeth - fix broken fillings. Any decay has been associated with this. Today was just a scale and clean; my teeth were loaded with plaque so they were like a brick wall. Now they're more like a paling fence, with daylight between the palings.

    It was an early appointment, we did our grocery shopping afterwards then headed to the psychiatrist to collect the welfare forms he'd filled in. He had written difficult child 3's diagnosis down as Asperger's, which could be a problem for us. He also had missed filling in one form, I'll have to see him in person, I think, to talk about it. Or send it back with an explanatory note.

    After that, difficult child 3 & I headed for the welfare offices. We only had to hand in forms, but we were there for 90 minutes, waiting in queues and then waiting for our names to be called to finally talk to a person. It wasn't especially hot today (28 C, or 82 F) according to the thermometer, but it felt awfully hot because the humidity is so high, it's condensing out.

    We headed home, I had to put the air conditioning on in the car because driving with the windows down was just too hot. I don't like using the air conditioning too much, it uses up fuel. But I welcomed the cooler air.

    It began to sprinkle a bit as we got home, I managed to rescue the washing (still there from yesterday because the air is so moist) and then the forecast storm came through. We got a few mm of rain in it; not much. I got some work done (fan blowing behind me) after the storm passed. It didn't cool things much but did push the humidity up more. It isn't as hot as Singapore, but it feels as humid.

    I cooked a chicken risotto for dinner tonight. I figured mother in law & husband especially could use some comfort food. I'd told mother in law to put her air conditioning on today, and thankfully she did. We had a pleasantly comfortable evening down there having dinner with her. I'd judged the risotto right, she ate a second helping, which is a first since she got home from hospital. She's rarely finished a meal since she got home, and this time she came back for more! Not bad for a dish created out of leftovers.

    We left her a small serve for lunch tomorrow. I've got ingredients for an easy lunch tomorrow here for difficult child 3 & me. husband will be playing trains with his mates, he always takes a salad.

    I've still got a few things to do in the kitchen tonight, then it's time to head for bed.

    Enjoy your Friday, everyone.

  4. Wiped Out

    Wiped Out Well-Known Member Staff Member

    Good Morning Friends,

    Linda-I think a test is fine for kt. I'm hoping she passes with flying colors. Enjoy your lesson and the painting.

    Sharon-Sorry about all those computer problems-what a mess. I believe you are getting far more snow than us this winter!:)

    Marg-Outrageous what the dentist did when you were younger-it's absolutely horrible! Your dinner sounds delicious! I know what you mean about 82 not being that hot but with the humidity-whoa!

    Long day ahead. Turns out difficult child doesn't have school today-we do and so does easy child/difficult child but not middle schools:mad: Of course, since it wasn't all of us I didn't realize this til Wednesday (and then quite by accident). Thankfully my co-worker's son who is in college is going to hang with difficult child today.

    After work we're headed to Michigan. father in law came home from the hospital yesterday (after being there for almost 2 months) and we want to visit.

    Wishing everyone a peaceful day:peaceful:
  5. GoingNorth

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    Morning folks. I hope yours is better than mine. I'm on here because I haven't been to sleep yet.

    Timer--keep us posted as to how kt does staying at home. I hear your frustrations about services. I've been lucky to no have to deal with this; but it stinks to have restrictions put on what you do as a parent, but not get any assistance in putting those restrictions in place.

    Marg. The dentristry thing you describe has been a huge scandal in the US. There are several clinic chains and dentists over here that accept Medicaid (our healthcare for the indigent and/or for children of medically indigent parents).

    Basically, these dentists were doing all sorts of work on Medicaid children that wasn't needed and then billing it. Worse yet, these dentists were using restraints like a body board or "papoose" to basically tie the children down while working on them.

    I had this done to me when I was a child and it was common practice in those days. Left me with a permanent phobia about dentists that led to my having badly neglected teeth as an adult.

    Believe me, too. When I got the estimates on the work that needed doing; I got a second opinion that came up with exactly the same work and about a 75 dollar cost difference.

    I actually chose the more expensive dentist because I liked his manners and his office staff a lot better.

    I actually had braces, applied by an incompetent orthodontist who did more damage than he helped. I still wound up losing my upper teeth, and my bottom teeth are very crookend
  6. hearts and roses

    hearts and roses Mind Reader

    Good morning everyone!

    I noticed this week how nice it is to have two responsible young adults living with us. We all get up in the morning and head off to work and it's such a good feeling. I am just so happy and relieved.

    H and I are hitting up a movie tonight. I think we're going to see that new movie with Colin Firth...The Single Man. Love him!

    Have a great day everyone!
  7. crazymama30

    crazymama30 Active Member

    Happy Friday everyone! Hope you have a good weekend.

    Things are looking better here, husband slept more last night and the night before, and has extricated himself from the negative drama so far, lets hope it stays that way.

    It is my Monday--but that's ok.

    Got our tax return--time to pay off some bills. I can pay off several, and then play some too. One of the few good things about being a one income family on the lower level of things is the tax return. I am taking easy child and a friend out shopping tonight, the poor girl only has 2 pair of jeans left, and then I will take them both out to dinner. She does not know about dinner yet, might go to the new Olive Garden in town depending on the wait. Will suggest to husband that he and difficult child to to a movie or do something fun, hope he is up for it, will have to wait and see.

    It is going to be hard to go to work and not play hooky!