Thank you! It WAS food allergies!

I can't believe it - but I have my sweet little boy back again. The sweetness had all but escaped from my 4-1/2 year old. Like many of you I'm sure, I had read every parenting book I could find. We had been to psychologists, sought help from daycare teachers/directors/owners, doctors, etc. The raging tantrums, constant opposition/defiance, hitting, general mean-spiritedness had taken its toll on so many who were around him. The worst part for me was knowing how unhappy he was! He didn't like being so impulsive. He had told me, the psychologist and others that he didn't know how to stop his body from doing those things - it "just happened" and "I can't help it-I'm sorry!!!".
We had tried switching his diet (we rarely gave him processed foods or foods with artificial dyes and flavors) - avoided certain favorite foods and substituted others - but hadn't noticed any changes in behavior. In June I found your wonderful site. And at the time there was a string of emails about a child "raging" on ketchup. Wow! Someone else was describing exactly what I had been seeing for years from my son! Someone else understood!

I continued doing some research and found a wonderful research lab that does the ELISA food allergy and a variety of other diagnostic tests (many for ADD/ADHD, by the way). I played phone tag with our holistic (& homeopathic) MD about having these simple tests done. He was doubtful the test results would be helpful. But when I made an appointment pleading my case in person (with lots of back-up data from our pre-school and psychologist, and info from the lab's website), the doctor indulged this mom's wishes.

Kenny was sensitive (ie delayed reaction of hours to 3 days after eating the food) to 60+ of the 100 foods they tested him for! EVERY meal I fed him - from as far back as I can remember- contained a food he was sensitive to. Basic foods like Wheat, Soy (he LIVED on soy butter & jelly sandwiches!), peaches, strawberries (he alternated between those 2 yogurts daily) carrots (he used to have a "healthy" carrot snack every afternoon), honey.... all vegetables except asparagus! Tomatoes (what child DOESN'T eat ketchup & spaghetti sauce!) - and on and on. We immediately removed all 60+ foods from his diet.

What a change! For the first time since he was born, I'm using words like reasonable, calm, PATIENT to describe my child! Don't get me wrong, he's still challenging - but more in-line with what you expect from a 4-yr old.

Other people, his teachers, etc cannot believe this is the same child. One month into this diet, and my son doesn't complain a bit about not eating any of his old foods. He feels so much better now and is control of his body. He's hardly ever in trouble anymore - he's laughing - enjoying his friends ---- and playing unbelievably well with his 2-yr old sister.

Thank you to all of you who wrote about your child & the food allergy info. It reassured me I was on the right track and helped me not give up the fight to find out what was wrong. This is the site of the lab I mentioned: I believe they can refer you to a doctor who approves these tests if you need one. Thank you & best of luck to you!

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Thank you for posting! I am having this type of testing done on my difficult child next month and hopefully will have similarly good results. I'm so delighted that your son is much better.

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Wow! This is SO COOL! That string was about my son Nate who use to rage after eating ketcup...of course he doesn't get ketcup It is so wonderful to hear about my post helping someone...but I have to say I can't take all the credit by any was this board and certain people on it who pushed me to have Nate tested for food allergies. Strawberryisland is the leader in this and Cheryl helped so much in my understanding how allergies affect the immune system and Dogchopper in giving so much information on natural stuff.

After I got all the testing done and his diet changed he improved alot but was still having alot of problems and the board suggested I have Nate tested for a sensory intregration disorder....I now have the book The out of snyc child" and it say these kids also tend to have alot of I had Nate tested for that too and he has that and also delays in his fine and gross motor skills, autory processing disorder and is delay in his personal and social skills...these all seem to be connected to the Sensory Integration Disorder (SID).

This is something you might also consider looking into. But it could just be allergies and his body needs time to heal and time for his immune system to calm down..then he will calm down even more.

My biggest problem is my ex keeps giving Nate food he is allergic too blowing the whole thing and getting his immune system all messed up. Anyway that is another story....

I am just so happy for you....and so glad you stuck with it and bugged a dr long enough to get the testing done. You are a great mom!!!!!

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This is worth trying. What does the testing involve? Little pin pricks etc? I would like to look into it - will do perhaps - but if needles are involved, would not be able to get her to sit still for it - would take people to hold her down.
Would love to know more about what they did. Thanks.

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My doctor had to order the special kit from the Great Smokies lab (and had it sent directly to me). I found a local lab that would draw my son's blood (taken from his arm - I forget how many mls of blood were needed). The kit came with shipping packaging and instructions. The local lab took care of sending it back to Great Smokies. With one blood draw (one needle prick), we were able to have him tested for over 100 foods/spice allergies (immediate reactions) and sensitivities (delayed reactions, which I believe the skin tests don't detect as well?). This test is so worth it! I always loved my child, but now I really like him too! My only regret is that I didn't insist on the tests sooner. Good luck, whatever you decide!

That is so Great, Kenny's Mom.
It is so hard for some to believe that diet can have effects on brain function.

We started in this direction when my son was five. I knew I was in the right direction when I saw my son able to sit and play quietly, when the contents of conversations changed, moods changed, etc. It just took me awhile to figure out the whole scope of his problems.

My son is like yours with alot of delayed reactions. If I had initially tried to address diet on my own I am sure I would have thought that diet was not involved.

Our immune systems are highly complicated and science is now finding how the immune system, hormone system, and nervous system are all intertwined.

I am so happy that you are seeing results.


Thank you for taking the time to post. You may save another child & more parents by taking the time to explain your experiences & sharing your story.

When I first heard of food maybe causing behavior problems, I just didn't understand the cause/effect. After reading & studying, it did make sense to me, but I couldn't find anyone to do the 'right' tests. Our allergists in my city just did the skin prick tests & my child tested not allergic to wheat or milk or yeast.

Then I read about the whole gut/immune system/ reaction & finally found someone who could do the blood allergy tests. The right tests are the ones that test the blood for antibodies in the blood (which means the body is basically fighting the food as it would fight an infection).

Most doctors say that it has been disproven that 'foods do not affect behavior'. Well, in my child's case, food does affect his behavior. My child's problems are a little more involved than only the food affecting him. He has sensory integration disorder, premature birth, some other problems with Candida yeast & gut inflamation caused by wheat & dairy (gluten/casein). However, he too is so much better. Even though it is quite complicated to figure out in some cases, (like ours), the doctors discouraged us, which made me think I was crazy. If I had gotten the right answers from another mom when my child was 4, instead of it taking me several years & many books & me making appointments with many doctors just to find out how the body works & me having to do the research .... we would have been so far ahead & not have had the developmental delays that resulted from not knowing.

Please continue to share your story. You may have already helped another 'lurker' who may never post, but who has been helped by your generousity in sharing your story publicly like you have here.

When someone someday posts (or emails you) that she read your post & you helped her child, you will know (first hand) that you literally saved someone else & their child.

Thanks again for taking the time to share. I am so happy for you. Please continue to read & learn & post here or on other forums.


what kind of allergy test did you all ask for is it something they automatically so when they test for allergies des has had an allergy test befor but they said she was to young at the time for the food test should i request it now? do you think it will really help?

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Kenny's mom,

What exactly was the test you asked your doctor to order? Do you have the name of the kit or test from Great Smokies Lab? Was the doctor. a regular pediatrician or a dev pediatrician or allergist? Would a regular pediatrician be able to order this? Kevin's dev. pediatrician and regular pediatrician. don't put much stock into "food affecting behavior" or nutrition/supplementation, etc. We disagree and are looking into alternative treatments. Thanks!


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Thanks so much for posting this. My son has food allergies too. Apparently his behavior wasn't as bad as some, but I would have loved to have found out about food allergies and behavior problems sooner. Everywhere I go, I tell people about the difference in my son. They look at me like I am nuts! Maybe if more of us keep telling our stories, more people will listen and more children will be spared the effects of unknown food allergies.

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That is such wonderful news!!!!! I love to hear good news. In fact, I love to ARCHIVE good news.. So Im gonna request they send this to the natural treatments forum to archive it..
I plan to get this testing done very soon.. That is one of the main reasons I wanted the school bus driving job.. for the GREAT county insurance!!!

So hopefully I will be posting these results soon myself!!!

Enjoy your wonderful little boy again!!!

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