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I just got done grooming Thomas, a task that must be done every other day now that his coat has reached 2" in length on his body. Luckily, he loves being groomed.

As I look at him sitting on top of the washer watching me type this, I am struck by the sheer beauty of this cat.

He is a magnificent animal, which is a fine bonus to his being sweet, super affectionate, and having good house manners. (for the most part).

I had hoped he would bring more sweetness and love into my tiny household. The fact that he reminds several time a day of the sheer beauty to be found in day to day life is a bonus.

Of course, he also makes me laugh, like earlier today when he got into the cabinet under the sink, was rattling around so that I went to investigate, and was found to be playing with the 1/2 pint of cheap vodka and needle-less syringe that I use to clean the cartridges from my e-cigarettes.

Had my digital camera battery not been on the charger, I could've gotten a good photo of "cat as junkie" as Thomas was sprawled on the bottom of the cabinet clutching the bottle of vodka while holding the syringe in his mouth.

Not much nobility in that image, and it gave me the giggles.


Crazy Cat Lady
You should have seen me the other night when I was cleaning cartridges and got curious as I hadn't tasted vodka since my late teen years.

I poured a tiny amount of the stuff (remember, this stuff cost a buck fifty for 1/2 pt) into the cap and tasted it.

Ugh! I can see why vodka is either mixed or sold flavoured. It tastes like rubbing alcohol smells. It does do a good job as a solvent though.


Crazy Cat Lady
Well, I did a little research on uses for Vodka that don't include the obvious and found out that in addition to cleaning "e-liquid" out of e-cigs, it's good for cleaning grout, cleaning lime off of shower doors and bathroom fixtures, and making flavouring extracts for cooking/baking.

I'm not sure I'll be drinking anything that is good for cleaning grout anytime soon.

I've made my own vanilla and other extracts, but have always used rum for that. I suppose it makes sense to use vodka as rum does add it's own flavour whereas vodka just tastes like alcohol.

I used to use Everclear pure grain alcohol as a solvent for cleaning (never had the guts to taste that), but up here one can only get it in liter bottles now, and I didn't need nor want a liter of the stuff, so went with the cheap vodka which is basically grain alcohol diluted to 40% (80 proof)

I had to comb Thomas out again tonight because Squeaky "gotcha-ed" him while he was standing on the toilet seat grabbing a drink out of the toilet.

She pounced on Thomas' butt while he had his head in the toilet with predictable (wet) results.

I then had to chase Thomas around the place with a towel in hopes of catching him to dry him off before he wound up in the bed.

I finally caught up with him in the living room, got him towelled off, and got him combed out again once he was mostly dry. Waste of a good grooming job as I had him looking gorgeous.

I also discovered that Thomas can lift the lid on the toilet, so leaving it down is useless.

One nice thing about living with these two furry maniacs is that I cancelled cable TV 3 months ago and haven't missed it a bit.


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Cedar, the greatest love of my life died in 2002 after more than 25 years together.

No cat or dog or horse, not matter how special, can compare. I've spoken of my late husband many times on this board.

Tanya M

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:pet:I am always amazed by the power of unconditional love a pet offers us. I'm so happy that you and Thomas found each other.
Love your description of him under the sink.


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I am sincerely sorry, GoingNorth. It was never my intention to bring you sadness. My post was carelessly phrased.

It's OK, Cedar. You didn't bring me sadness. It's been long enough that while I'm still sad sometimes, the sadness is usually tempered with joy at what we had. I mostly feel incredibly lucky to have had 25 years with my soulmate.