Thomas Great News!


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Thomas had his dental today and came through like a champ!

Not only that, due to a few marvels of modern veterinary medicine, he kept ALL his remaining teeth!

They got rid of all the tartar, cleaned out the pockets of infection, planed the roots, and then treated the pockets and loose teeth with a special gel that helps reattach the roots to the jawbone!

I was asked if I wanted this as an alternative to extraction as it costs more...(yeah, right...)

So, Thomas is home. He has passed his initial eating test by keeping down a small amount of food and water and has since had dinner and a good drink and a nosh of dry cat food.

He got an antibiotic shot that lasts two weeks so doesn't have to take antibiotics at home, and has a couple of days of pain medicine in case his mouth bothers him. In all honesty, it seems to be feeling better already than it did before treatment.

One new thing I found out about Thomas is that he's a happy "Drunk". They gave him Versed as a pre-op medication, and apparently it has the same effect on him that it has on a lot of humans. He was staggering around the house...VERY FRIENDLY.

He staggered up to Squeaky and threw his "arm" around her. She promptly belted him, but at least had the decency to keep her claws in.

He will still need frequent dental care to keep up with the remaining teeth and the gel treatment may need to be repeated, but there's no way his teeth will ever get into the state they were in when he came home forever.

I looked in his mouth when he came home and the teeth, now that I can see them, are very worn and I can see where the broken ones were ground down. His gums were bleeding then, but I've looked since and that seems to have stopped.

So, from here it's nothing but onward and upward.


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Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay for Thomas the Tank! He is a real fighter and a winner and lucky boy for having you to take care of him!!! Have a great life, Thomas. I know you will!


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I am very relieved. The "Coon Crew" took very good care of Thomas. He no longer under the influence and is making up for lost eating time. Darned cat kept me up all night whining for food, LOL.

He's terrified at the vet and is now feeling a bit insecure and is following me around mumbling to himself. Hopefully he'll settle down later this evening.


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After a loooong cuddle session he finally passed out and is fast asleep. This means he finally quit eating. He gave me a kiss on the nose and his breath is much nicer, too.


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Cedar, this IS Thomas' Forever Home. I don't know for how long. He's 11 years old and has had a rough life. So far he is in perfect health now that his teeth are fixed, other than a touch of arthritis. No more neglect. No more abuse. Enough good food to eat. Regular, good vet care. All the love he can handle. A cat-sister to keep him company.

He just needs to gain about a lb and a half, and put on some muscle, and grow his fur back from being shaved, and he'll be fine.

Right now he is sleeping somewhere under the comforter. I know this because I can hear him snoring, LOL!


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MWM, Yes, I know. I've had one live to 21, and several live to 19 and 20. I hope Thomas makes it to that age. I also hope Squeaky does as well. She's 7 and also had a rough start.

She was pulled from a hoarding situation at 4, having kittens every time she came into heat, poor thing.