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Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by Ktllc, Oct 17, 2011.

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    Yep, as soon as I think I have something under control, a new issue arises!
    Tonight, I'm thinking the day went pretty well. V told me he likes his school now that I pick him up after lunch (over 2 hours sooner than before). Great! He even used his visual schedule at school and ask for the teacher's help on that. Great!
    Then, after bathtime... His bed is SOAKED! I smell it: somebody urinated on it!!!
    My big boy would never do that, and baby girl has her night diaper on and is perfectly dry.
    I look at V and he is crying already, tells me he does not know what happen. Then, I ask him to tell me the truth, he starts blaming his sister. I asked for the truth one more time and after several "I don't know", he finally admitted to it.
    I asked him to go to his cool down spot and think about it.
    We than talked and he insists it was an accident. I'm really not sure on that one... He has been potty trained during the day for over 2 years now and never had any accident in 18months or so...
    Seriously, I do enough sheet/pyjama/diaper washing as it is. Is that going to be a new trend???? He does have some weird spots to pee, but it has always been outside. Like really borderline (walkways, off the porch or some of that nature), but on his bed???:twister2:
    I stayed surprisingly calm though... I'm not sure if it is wisdom or resignation.
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    Oh yikes. But I have to say, even now my son will have an accident on a very rare ocassion. He has wet his bed, but mostly it is just a small pee problem if he waits too long. Very rare. He may not be sure if it is an accident. He knows he can go so if it happens does it mean that it is on purpose even if it happened so fast? I dont know, sometimes it just hits mine all of a sudden. I still make sure I remind him to go before we leave for any place. Were his pants wet? If he stood , took pants off, and did it, well...... if he was in the bed and he just lost control and went with clothes getting wet etc...that maybe harder to decide. Either way I hope it is not a trend. I think lots of kids have accidents once in a while. Heck I did once in college...walking down a street in England! I was laughing so hard with a friend I peed all over myself. I had to walk with a bag in front of me and one in the back all the way home! I still feel embarassed. I sure hate pee laudry though...yuck. the other and vomit is worse though....
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    :consoling: Sorry, but your post made me smile. It certainly is not the strangest spot, and he is still quite young. If he's anything line my son was, he just wants to see "what it would be like" in all different spots. My son's worst was between the wall and the headboard of OUR bed! Fortunately, it was on husband's side ;)
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    My opinion is not to blame him. I don't think he does know why he did it. Some kids with sensory issues, (especially Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD) kids) do not really know when they have to go to the bathroom. It does not sound like he did it out of defiance. Seriously...I would probably have quietly washed the sheets and then just as quietly brought it up to son's therapist before the next appointment.

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    Keista, thanks for the good laugh! It makes V look more normal. lol
    The reason I have a hard time believing wether it was an accident or not: hs pyjamas were dry! Well, I know baby girl was dry to, but there is no way for her to slip her diaper off and back on. V... well he could have done that.
    But then, OTH, it was around bath time. And like any typical boy: he loves to run around naked.
    I did tell him that accidents are ok, but "because I wanted to" are not. Who knows with V. It is so hard to talk to him anyways.
    husband and I were talking, and we believe his behavior would be consider completely normal and maybe even cute if he were 2years old.The problem, he is 4.5.
    2 year old boys would have accidents.
    Maybe I should try conditioning myself into thinking of him as a 2 year old. A very verbal toddler but with little content in his conversation. Just a lot of "why" and "when".
    Well, at least he went to sleep good tonight and without melatonin. that has not happened in days (weeks?).
    Overall: more positive than negative.
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    When dealing with developmental delays... we DO have to remember that they are acting their developmental age and not their physical age. It doesn't magically disappear when they hit the teen years, either. Every day... I have to remember... He's really HOW old today? (it varies from day to day for us... which makes it even trickier)