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  1. Martie

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    Hello Everyone,

    First, if you are among the 86 people who completed the Adult Outcomes Survey, I want to sincerely thank you. I really appreciate your time because I do :smile: and I also know that it was an exceptionally long survey.

    The time has come to close the survey, but what happened with the original survey is when I posted an announcement similar to this one, I started getting PMs to "Please wait one more day...." and I did.

    I do not know if that will happen this time, but about 125 people started the survey and 86 finished it. If you were one of those "starters" PLEASE take the survey. I regret to tell you that you will not be able to resume because I believe that function only works for about a week. However, if you want to try that, please remember to use the same computer.

    I plan to close the survey at midnight on Friday, so if you have time, and have not yet completed it, PLEASE try to help Mary and me get to the 100 people we need.

    The link is:

    The Adult Outcomes Survey

    Thank you,

  2. runawaybunny

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    Thank you for the head's up Martie.

    Our combined participation can, indeed, make a difference by joining together and completing our surveys.

    I know it's a crazy time of year and we all have a lot to do but this is a great way to spend a few moments of your time.
  3. MrsMcNear46

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    Hurray! I finished it. Started several times but today I got it done. Sure brought back alot of old hurts, but hopefully the info will be put to good use.

    Mrs. McNear
  4. Suz

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    Thank you, Julie! :flower:

  5. hearts and roses

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    Just finisheed it. Sorry it took me so long to get there!!
  6. Sue C

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    OK, filled out one survey for Angela and one for Melissa because my girls are so different.

  7. Martie

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    Thank you for doing this.

    There were a couple of people who filled it out more than once because they have more than 1 difficult child. I really appreciate the time it took you to do this.

    Here is what I posted on the other two boards:

    Thank you everyone.

    I closed the survey at noon CST on Saturday with 98 respondents and brought the data into SPSS (statistical program.)

    We shall see what the data tells us but please be patient. Data CLEANING, let alone analysis takes a while. As with the original survey, I will provide a nontechnical report to the membership when the analysis is done.

    Thanks to all of you for supporting research on "our" kids all of whom do eventually become adults.