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After my happy post last night about no at home violence in two weeks the board jinx has struck. I should have known better than to post about it. He and easy child go into a fight-started by him but she shares some blame. husband had to restrain difficult child for a minute or less so easy child could go to her room-he bit husband while he was restraining him. On the plus side he calmed down relatively quickly!

On the interesting side he was made easy child hit back-his reasoning-she is a black belt and he's not :rolleyes: -while we don't condone easy child hitting we did tell him in the real world if he hits people are going to hit back.
Aw Sharon I am so sorry...I really don't know you or your situation but I know what it is like, waiting around to see if the other shoe is going to drop. Sending you hugs. Hang in there.


Hopefully this is just a small setback. Sending good thoughts your way.

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Hopefully this incident is just a minor bump. Sibs are going to get into it once in a while.

difficult child might want to stop and think that easy child is a black belt before he decides he wants to fight with her. :wink:


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Sharon, don't worry about the board jinx - you keep posting the positives for difficult child. You've had so few positives for difficult child lately, it does you mommy soul good to brag!

I still say :bravo: to difficult child for his 2 weeks of good choices.

Hoping this is just a blip on the difficult child radar. :wink:


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I know the feeling well.
I agree with Linda though, about posting. It's so uplifting to hear how some of our kids are making steps forward.


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The positive posts are my favorites, because I love those moments, days or weeks when things are going along uneventfully.

Here's adding my hope that this incident is just a small bump in the road and that it will go back to its peaceful course today!


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Aw Sharon.... I kind read your great update and held my breath and crossed my fingers!!! I thought you were incredibly brave to post such an impressive improvement so publicly, LOL. :wink: That board jinx really is so consistent.

Sorry it didn't last and really sorry to hear husband got bit. I would've been sorely tempted to point out to difficult child that if he *knows* someone has a black belt, it's probably not a good idea to attack them. :hammer: Not excusing easy child, but self-preservation is not a bad thing for difficult child to learn. :wink:

Hope your family has a calmer day today.

Being in a rush today, I was going to down a quick cup of :coffee: while reading the morning thread, and get going... Your post caught my eye, and even though I haven't had a chance to read what you posted last night yet, I also look forward to reading about all the good things that difficult children do. When difficult children make positive gains, I'm always HAPPY!!! Please continue to post about all of the good things that your difficult child does.

Like the others, I'm praying that this is only a minor set-back for your difficult child. I'll be keeping all of my body parts crossed... WFEN


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Wiped Out: I'm sorry to hear that this happened to you. I completely understand the "don't jinx good luck" thing, because I have something similar that I call my "Church Jinx".

When difficult child first "came out" a little over a year ago, wife and I were caught completely by surprise, and we were devastated. Being a man of some faith, but not very diligent about going to church, I started going back to our local place of worship.

For about a year, we were very consistent about attending, and it helped us a lot.

Lately, though, we've missed the occasional Sunday. And darn if it doesn't seem that those are the weeks my son chooses to lose his freakin mind!

I call it my "Church Jinx", and it sure does seem to be real (for us, at least). :wink:

And before anyone else asks, yes we did miss services last Sunday. But I'll be in the front row this weekend, for sure.


Even if my higher power doesn't deem it time to help my son, at least it helps me when I have to help (or deal with) my son.

I sincerely hope your jinx fades, and better times return to your family.


PS: I understand about the black-belt thing. I had to deal with my older son on this issue, since he's studied martial arts from 6 years old onward (he's now 19). For quite a while, it was hard for him to understand the need to control his reactions, even when he was getting picked on by bullies. He got the message in third grade, though, when he was suspended for putting a bully in a headlock and choking him to near unconciousness; it didn't matter that the bully started it, only that my son responded in a way that could have killed the other kid. After that, he got it.

And like your difficult child, I think the bully "got it", too.


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Oh, darn!
Well, judging from your posts, it's a minor setback. As you said, he calmed relatively quickly. And he still does good things!
Good luck.