the bugs bunny factor


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In my update, I forgot to mention one of the most important changes in Sir Flouncealot's behavior.

We bought two bunnies this spring. Sir F named his "Bugs" and Tink named hers Ariel. (My mother in law pronounces that AAAAAAAAAAriel.) The kids were thrilled and really enjoy petting the bunnies.

Sir F has totally fallen in love with Bugs. She (they're both girls) brings out a softer side in Sir F. He now hugs me several times a day. (Remember this was the kid who would hit me when I tried to hug him.) He now allows me to kiss him good-night without socking me in the eye. And, he tells me that he loves me! Okay, I may rank behind Bugs in his mind, but the fact that I'm appreciated some of the time is mind-boggling.

On the other hand, Tink had some issues with learning how to treat Ariel kindly. She had to lose petting privileges for a week in order to stop pulling Ariel's ears. :rolleyes:

Both of them have been willingly helping me with the grunt work. They seem to like being responsible for these cute, fuzzy little rabbits.


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Wow - sometimes you never know where these kids get the lessons that make them who they are later in life!



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That's awesome!!!

(and thank goodness both bunnies are girls...otherwise you'd have a lot of new little bunnies! LOL)


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It's awesome that these little creatures can bring out your difficult child's soft side! All the words and reminders we could come up with sometimes don't hit home as something like a pet might.

Good for your difficult child - and I echo Alison's quote - good thing they're both girls!! :smile:


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There is definitely something to be said about "pet therapy." How wonderful for you that he is connecting with you, now!!!!


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That's great news !! I love those spontaneous hugs... :smile:

My difficult child responded the same way with our guinea pigs.