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    2 and a half hours and no iep. Just evaluation stuff.

    But that's ok.

    And it went well. Or as well as any meeting can when the child is described page after page as..."doesn't really seem to come to school knowing he is there to learn" and "is very inconsistent and many times unpredictable" and "refuses to do academic tasks" and "writing usually has something to do with war/military".

    Actually, that was just one person's input. The meeting went well. He's significantly impaired/delayed, and that was no shock. But 30 pages of it was a little much to take. In fact, the SpEd teacher who lead the meeting saw me at page 29 and just stopped reading. I thanked her later.

    He qualifies for the IEP under other health impaired, learning disabled, and emotionally disturbed. We debated which one fit best and pretty much everyone concluded ED.

    The research team worked with the para's yesterday and it went well. They seem to be snowballed, tho, into beleiving this half-day decision has made a great impact of difficult child. They also relayed the school's concern about difficult child being so tired and frequently sleeping at school. They want to do more routines at home.

    Oh goody. More hoops. Glass of milk, put on jammies, read a story, and turn off your difficult child. Yup. Works that way. not. When he's crying at midnight because he wants to sleep and can't and asks you to take him for a drive to put him to sleep - you really think a "routine change" is gonna fix that? Whatever.

    Anyway, we'll meet again 3 days after spring break to start on the iep.

    In the meantime, I am consulting a lawyer and will be seeking sole custody with no visitation for dad based on it being emotionally damaging. Then I can move forward with the case management and medicaid stuff. More fun. Woohoo!
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    gcvmom Here we go again!

    Well, it's a first step -- qualifying for the IEP. Eventually they should see what reality is for what works and what doesn't for him. Can a psychiatrist or someone like that write a letter explaining what's causing his symptoms in plain English for them to understand? Do they need you to journal what goes on at home for two weeks so they can see that you ARE doing the typical things and that they just don't work because he's NOT TYPICAL?
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    I often feel like I've been beat up by the school. you are moving in the right direction and doing all you can. Keep taking one step at a time and you will get there. There is light at the end of the tunnel.

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    Shari you are under extreme stress. I hope you can find ways to recharge your spirit. My prayers and good thought are with you friend. ML