the gym teacher files a compaint - wait till you hear WHY

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    Nancy423 do I have to be the mom?

    On Tues, I went to the IEP where we sat down with- the neuropsychologist so we could go over his report. During the 4 hour meeting, the social worker was called out because difficult child left the classroom. Well, later that afternoon, she didn't want to run the track in gym. She was given the option of walking but decided she wanted to just sit, which was fine. Well, I guess she was jumpy - I don't know because next she was hopping onto a friends bike (friend is classmate who is wheelchair bound) and was told to get off. She got off and kicked the gym teacher and needed to be restrained. She was sent home, but not suspended.

    Principal calls later that evening to discuss that he does want her to have a consequence so we agree on an in-school so she can do make up work and improve her grades. I get a call at 10am asking for me to come get her. She "shut down" and refused to respond. She was fine when I got there. We took her to her family doctor and we put her on a small dose of SSRI.

    Today husband got a call from the arresting officer from last fall. The gym teacher filed a complaint A DAY AFTER THE INCIDENT. There is no physical evidence that she left from the kick. Officer stated that the gym teacher filed the complaint AFTER hearing that she was on probation and stated this teacher felt she needed to go to jail to learn a lesson.......the teacher KNEW she was on probation and KNEW that a second complaint would land her in trouble.

    This teacher was NOT in the meeting on Tues, does not know about the evaluation results. My difficult child has Pervasive Developmental Disorder (PDD) traits - but isn't because she is social. She's a 7 year old stuck in an 11 year old body. Her memory has holes because of brain damage. It's attempted to make up for the damage by using other areas of the brain. so tell me, how is having her arrested a second time going to HELP HER learn a lesson that the first time didn't??????

    What the heck is this school doing?!??!!?
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    So the gym teacher is being a vindictive little snot....


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    What a creep. I worked for an ED school that required that we file charges when stuff like this happened. I had to do so twice. The first time I told the DA, please just plea it out and require him to go to school. The 2nd time, the trial was on my birthday and I had horrible cramps. As I had already quit my job, I gave the boy an early birthday present and went back to sleep.

    I don't think you can talk to the gym teacher about this incident without risking being accused of harassing the "victim" but you can show everything to the DA and hopefully they'll get rid of the complaint.
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    Sounds like a real jerk of a guy!
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    I am soooo sorry- the school stuff is exactly how my son got in the system to begin with. It hoovers and just like you see already- once it happens the first time, some people in the sd will automatically want to go the legal route. Watch the SSRI though, I guess you are aware- if she starts acting out of control, call psychiatrist and get her off immediately. We "been there done that", too, and it ended up with more legal charges.
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    Amazing absolutely amazing. no wonder he didnt' show up at the mtg. he's also a little dweeb ontop of it.

    so, what happens now? I'd go up to the school and ask to see the teacher and bring the neuro report with you. that's bs. i get a teacher getting hit isnt' cool, yet to go ahead and file a report like that?? we're not talking about a child in a gang. what a jerk
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    Nancy423 do I have to be the mom?

    This gym teacher is a woman actually! difficult child admitted tonight that she kicked her between the legs. (glad she was a woman then LOL) When I asked if she meant to she said no, she was just kicking. I was also up front about what will happen to difficult child. We have to formally present her at the police station no later than Sunday. The officer was nice enough to give us 4 days.

    We were told that tomorrow would not be a good day for difficult child to come to school because both teachers and both social workers (basically all but one crisis team member) will not be in the school on Friday. So even tho she wasn't suspended it sure come across that way.

    Oh and the complaint is now official (cop was trying to talk her out of it this afternoon) she's charged with aggravated assault this time and I'm sure we'll be hearing from the PO shortly. My advocate is mad at me cuz he wasn't invited to Tues meeting (I didn't have $400 to pay him) and I have to find a way to pay for counseling (our insurance doesnt' include behavioral health)

    I sure have all the luck this week
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    Freaking Jackass!!!!
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    Hi! I don't get on the board to write much right now. We're in the throws of difficult child 1 moving to intermediate school, difficult child 3 transitioning into a gen ed population and difficult child 2 copping an attitude. Note here that the first two don't even happen until September, but this is how they are! We've also got a new baby and strep throat running rampant through the older kids.

    I'm not sure what state you reside in, but try doing an internet search for

    free parent advocates + whatever state you reside in.

    Quite often there are a ton of them that will help you out with a lot of this stuff. Also, see if there's a Jewish Community Service (they handle anyone - no matter what your religious beliefs - I'm Roman Catholic!). They have a lot of resources at their finger tips! Also, look up "Community Resources + your state" as well as "Parent to Parent + your state" (unless you look in the phone book). These are federally funded programs so they very well may be in your state as well.

    Therapy: you may be able to go to a community mental health organization that would have a sliding scale which would be based on your ability to pay. We've actually been in a crunch and they've waived the fees entirely!

    Let me know if you'd like me to try to look some of it up for you - I just need your state of residence to find them!

    Keep your head held high - you're doing everything imaginable to help her!

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    My difficult child is on probation as well- same initial charge as yours except pleaded to Simple Battery (misdemeanor). He was in the wrong place at the wrong time- never touched the other kid. As such, he has to watch his behavior, attend counseling, do some community service, etc. Well, a few weeks back he said *** walking away from a teacher who wanted him and his pals to break up a hallway bull session. The teacher runs to the principal with it, who calls me, and says we're calling his PO- your son told a teacher to get F'd. She also suspended him a day for insubordination. We never got a call from the PO and I'm not asking why. It seems to me though that the school admins delight in having this power over the kids. in my opinion, they don't want to deal with the problem, and it's an easy way to get rid of the problem. Fortunately, the teacher admitted that difficult child did not say to get F'd to him, just *** walking away. That's probably why things didn't escalate.