The Highest Compliment!

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  1. Dear friends are in the process of making their will, and need to establish who would raise their children "if something ever happened."

    ...They want us.

    That is the biggest compliment anyone can give me... ...Especially now!!!!

    These friends KNOW what is going on with our difficult child's.

    I laughingly told them
    "You realize 2/3 of our children think we stink at parenting, right???!!!!"

    They told my husband and me that we are the BEST parents they know!

    "Customer Satisfaction Surveys" often mean nothing when it comes to being a good parent. Especially when the "customer surveyed" is an ungrateful difficult child with a lot of growing up to do!!!!

    To: all my amazing Conduct Disorder parenting friends out here on this site;

    When the kids get ticked-off at you for establishing rules and boundaries to protect their health and safety, you're probably doing an AMAZING job!!!

    Keep up the great work parents!!!!!!!!!
  2. Fran

    Fran Former desparate mom

    Good for you guys for getting positive reinforcement from peers. It helps to continue on.
  3. Nomad

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    That sounds about right and what a lovely post.
    We had to "lower the booom" on our son in high school. He was a great kid, but had one crazy year after a break up with a girl. Today (knock on wood and crossing myself), he is a super responsible/kind/lovely young man.
    difficult child...weelllllllll.....another story. Lowering the boom may or may not work. And all she tends to remember is getting the boom lowered on her.
    Ungrateful....yep, that pretty much describes it. Little to no idea re: cause and effect.
    Our son....always appreciative and a very hard worker. Very good/excellent understanding of cause and effect.
    We are very fortunate in that today, our young adult son appreciates our parenting skills.
    difficult child...such a different story.
    Anyway...glad you have been receiving support from your peers/friends. This is a blessing!
    Sending goooooooood thoughts! :D
  4. DammitJanet

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    How funny!

    Friend of mine asked me to be Godmother to her baby girl because she had an inkling the baby might have ADHD and I had lots of experience...lmao!