The Insanity Continues...


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Thank you mentalcase..

I see your sons age and I pray that you will follow through on all the harshest punishments that the law can deliver to him NOW.
We DID have our son arrested numerous times in his teens, placed by courts into juvenile detention centers, boot camps & more. Our son had felonies at that age. He thrives in structured institutionalized settings. Always has.
I’m here to say that we also enabled. No doubt about it. Then we thought he’d “ grow out of it” that’s laughable! We had periods of “ this is it, he’s doing it!” But for some reason the relapse ALWAYS happened. 23 years of misery.
I am so happy for those that find their way to recovery. They deserve every ounce of praise and commendation!! It must come from within, I know this. But I always get caught up in the “ I wish” or “why couldn’t he see his true worth?”
On the road a bit today, so I’ve been having a chance to check my “go to support” forums. Blessings & strength to you always.