The Many Adventures of Betsy

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    Betsy might be Rowdy's daughter and the biggest love dog on the planet...............but she's not always the brightest bulb in the box.

    Nichole has been busy painting the kids playroom macaroni orange. Betsy wants to be right at Nichole's heels all day. Nichole finds it irritating but has gotten used to it. She didn't give the dog a thought when painting.

    She's all done and getting lunch for Oliver when she hears the unmistakable retching. She looks and Betsy is heaving up bright orange!

    Now Nichole had cleaned up after herself so there was no possible way Betsy got into the paint can or brushes ect. Then she spots her rear........also bright orange. So Nichole looks at the wall and there is a big Betsy fanny print complete with black fur in the somewhat damp paint.

    Nichole cleaned up the mess, cleaned up Betsy's fanny, and gave her water.

    I'd crack up except I'm concerned for Betsy. Obviously the paint she threw up came from trying to lick it off her backside. It is latex paint and I dunno how much it would take to poison a 70 lb dog. I'm guessing not a ton or else she'd not have threw up so quickly. Nichole is looking it up online to see if she needs to give/do something else. She said Betsy is not acting like she feels very well.

    Nichole is so used to having the animals around her it never dawned on her to pen them off away from the area until the paint dried. I hope Betsy will be ok. Nichole was mighty mad at her at first.......then started is concerned.