The Moving on of difficult child


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Well, it was a tear-jerker! It started off with the fifth graders marching into the auditorium. Then, one of the boys got up, grabbed the mic, and sang "I believe I can fly" with the rest of the class singing the refrain. And what did my wondering eyes see? difficult child singing and smiling!!! WHAT??? :smile:

difficult child was called up on stage three times! He received a plaque for being an officer in the SCA, a medal and certificate for honor roll, and he was one of ten recipients of the President's Award (signed by Mr. Bush of course)! Well knock me over with a feather!!!!

He's proud and sad. He really didn't want to leave his school or Mr. Prinipal. The last thing the principal said to him as "come and see me anytime you see my car in the lot and if you ever need me in middle school, tell Mr. K (new principal) to let you call me." Man, are we going to miss this school.

But, onward, upward, and moving on!


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I'm so glad it went so well! Congrats to difficult child :dance:I can certainly understand why you are going to miss that school-it could teach other schools a thing or two!
Bittersweet, that might be the word, yes?

How very emotional that must have been. How proud you must be! Tell him to enjoy his summer...



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What a wonderful experience for both of you! It is nice to have such support at school. Fingers crossed the next one is just as good!

:bravo: difficult child!!