It's official. difficult child is transferring to new school


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After our IEP last week to discuss sending difficult child to an alternative school that caters to kids with psychiatric problems, my mom went and paid them a visit. She spoke with the main teacher and observed some of the classes difficult child would be attending. My mom says the program looks like it would be a good fit for difficult child, who just can't seem to make it at the school she is at now. Her teacher is experienced with kids who have severe anxiety issues, and right now difficult child's anxiety is through the roof. A teacher who specializes in that area is just what difficult child needs, since her anxiety attacks are keeping her from wanting to go to class.

Today my mom took difficult child to the new school so she could get used to it and meet her teachers before starting. I talked to difficult child later today and she said she really likes her new main teacher so far. The school also offers a computer art graphics class, which difficult child absolutely loves. She loves computer art and she is always posting her own artwork on various graphic artist's websites. She got a chance to speak with the graphic arts teacher today, and she said it was really "cool." So now difficult child is excited to be able to take a computer art class, where as they do not offer a class like that at the school she is at now.

I am hoping she feels more at home there and she will be more motivated to go to school. One of the assistant principals pulled me into his office on Friday to discuss difficult child's attendance, or lack there of. He is the principal who is mainly in charge of discipline, where as the other AP is in charge of Special Education. The Special Education principal was at our IEP last week and already knows of difficult child's illnesses and her transfer to the new school. This other principal had no idea about difficult child's issues and that we were looking for alternative placement for her. He asked me what the deal was with her and why she has missed so many days of school.

I filled him in on difficult child's issues and let him know of the transfer. He was very understanding after I told him why she has not been coming to school. He did tell me that due to conflict of interest, I am no longer able to excuse any of her absences in the computer. Instead, I have to verbally tell my coworker and then she has to enter it. He had a bad incident at the last school he used to work at, where an attendance secretary had a child who also went to the school there, and she was changing absences and cuts to tardies and she got caught. Of course there is no way I would ever do something like that and risk my job, but he just wants to be on the safe side and let somebody else handle difficult child's absences.

Now that he is aware of difficult child, he is going to talk to the school district and see if we can get her transferred ASAP, instead of waiting it out another month till the new trimester begins. We are going to have a new IEP in the next couple of days, and then all we need to do is sign papers and difficult child is off to the new school. I am going to be so relieved once she is gone. I no longer have to worry about her possibly affecting my job, and I feel like this is not the proper placement for her. I am hoping and praying this new school is the answer, so wish us luck!


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It all sounds promising CB......wishing you lots of luck that this is exactly what your difficult child needs and gives you some peace of mind as well.


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That is totally awesome news. I am so happy that your difficult child will have a chance to start over and also enjoy the courses offered. Yeah! DDD


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But it wasn't a waste to make this transition first... This school got you THAT placement, plus she already knows the school psychiatric who is at this school and also covers the new one.


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This sounds like it may be the best placement for her, and the fact that she seems very positive about it goes a long way. I'm keeping my fingers crossed for all of you!


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Thank you all. The IEP is scheduled for Monday morning at the new school and we will sign the official papers then. I am excited but trying not to be overly optimistic, if you know what I mean.