The new game this week is Lets diag G

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    hubby got a call yesterday morning from G's councelor she had a last minute cancelation with the psyc Dr & could get her in ( we had been waiting 1 1/2 years to get her in for the diag so he ran with her .
    they have 2 students with her & the dr sitting behind a 2 way mirror watching . this was the first of 4 meetings & they are testing her for everything. they had hubby for questions too & asked him what our biggest concerns are .
    he told her about the lying ,steeling,destroying things having BMs in buckets 9 i had to throw out a laundry basket ) her extreme mood swings . & her antagonizing her sister so much that gets her upset
    the yelling & screaming when she doesnt get her way all the usual stuff . she has 3 more appointments hopfully soon they will tell us something .

    i am reading the explosive child & i have to get hubby on board with some of the techniques in there , his tendancy is to give in to her & when she does something to warrant going back he will tell me shes not going back & that he will deal with her . she was in a mood last night & i told hubby that she will have to go back because she was terrible . his reaction was your going to work ill have to deal with her "

    i find though that shes different with me she will tell me she hates me & doesnt want me to be her mom any more . i do not react to this ( well not in front of her) & this sometimes sets her off more shes tryng to get a reaction & she will keep going & going & going & i will have no reaction . i have sat on my hands though so i wont smack her .

    sooo that was my week she has her grade 9 leaving cermony this week so lets see how that goes
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    The diagnosis process is intense but worth it. So glad you got in due to a cancellation. Keeping fingers crossed for some answers for you & for difficult child.
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    Glad you got moved up in the schedule. That will help.

    The bowel movements in the basket sound like my son. He pooped in his pants until 2 or 3 yrs ago, urinated in the closet, the sink, the wastepaper basket ... anger issues, screaming rages, etc.
    Screaming at me until I lose it is my son's favorite pasttime. You are so wise and so controlled to sit on your hands. When I am at home, I just walk away.
    But when I'm driving, it's hard to get off the fwy or whatever. I have pulled over on side streets many times, though. These kids never, ever give up. They have stamina!!!

    Definitely, reading those books will help. But it will also help when you and your husband are on the same page. been there done that, as have so many others here.

    Meanwhile, can you at least get on the same page with-your husband on one or two things? Like, keep her schedule very strict, especially in regard to sleep patterns. A lack of sleep can really set off kids like this. Maybe once you and your husband can find one thing in common, you can move onto other things.
    Just a thought.