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    I think I've found a way to motivate myself to get out and walk at lunch time every day...

    I work right downtown in the financial district, and many of the office towers are connected by an underground network called the PATH. It's heated, well lit and safe. The PATH spans about 30 office towers and 7 different subway stations. You can walk for literally miles and miles, and there are really nice shops, several food courts, and some nice restaurants too.

    When I went on maternity leave, my office building wasn't connected to the path. Well...during the time I was away, they did a bunch of underground renovations, and now my building intersects. So...I don't need to put on a coat, hat, mittens or boots. I don't need to brave the yucky weather. I can just get up, leave my office and walk.

    I have been going for a walk in the PATH every day at lunch. I walk really fast, and window shop. Because I'm exercising, I tell myself that stopping in any of the stores would slow me down and defeat the purpose. Since I pack a lunch, I'm usually not tempted by the food courts either (although I have to look the other way when I pass the Thai food stand) But they even have a grocery store under there, so if I need to pick up something to take home for dinner, I can do so.

    Take that, winter blahs!
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    You look mahvelous!!!!!

    You're a sexy momma!!!!

    Take that winter blah! Ha she outwitted you with her brain! Ha

    wonderful trinny!
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    How cool is that? Sounds great!
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    That sounds great!
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    That is awesome and I wish we had something like that. I too try to walk every day at lunch but it gets really cold sometimes and I am so ready for Spring!