The Racist Bus Driver is coming back Mon. (update)

Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by MidwestMom, Nov 2, 2007.

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    The solution of the bus company was to install a camera in the bus so that everything is recorded. I'm not sure how I feel. I think she should have been canned.
    They will keep the tapes for a week. If nobody complains about anyone, then they tape over the tapes. Your thoughts? I'm ready to quit because I have to work with her, but, with my Disability, it's hard to get any job and I need money. Even McDonalds, which is hiring and which I am humble enough to do, wants cashiers. I can't cashier or quickly multi-task, and I'm pretty face blind. I used a cash register once Not only did I have to put in my own money because my drawer was short (I stink at math and couldn't figure out how to use the cash register or credit card machine), but I couldn't remember the faces of the people who gave me money and I was giving change to the wrong
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    They have no cameras on the buses in the first place??? All our buses out here have them, they have filmed my son many times.

    I think it is great to install a camera, but I think the tapes should be reviewed before being taped over. Sometimes people do not complain, and I wonder if many kids on the bus are simply unable to complain.
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    Well, if she admitted to her remarks, it seems she will continue with them. Just wait for the inevitable results ... except, does the camera have video AND audio? Or just video? Just wondering how much it will actually pick up.

    Good luck!
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    I think the bus company knows there is a fine line with this bus driver. I wouldn't be to upset. I believe they are trying to get documented proof so they can FIRE her. If they don't have it documented she can claim unemployment and even sue them. I feel they are just crossing their T's and dotting their I's. I know it's hard, but please hang in there for at least a week. Ignorance doesn't go away unless you educate yourself, and I think we all agree that she isn't doing that. So she will slip right back into her racism and tacky comments. :nonono:

    I wonder if she ever gave thought to the possibility of having African Americans in her bloodline? :hammer: I am sure we all do at some point in history, so I guess she likes putting family down as well.

    I am sending you prayers to get you through this difficult situation. :angel: I know justice will be served and she will be out a job. Don't forget to write down everything you can remember her saying at the end of your shift with the date. That way if they say she didn't do anything, you can pull out your journal and say" Not so fast Bucko, I've got it written down!"

    After the week is up, if you feel like going elsewhere then at least you tried to get this ignorant woman off the bus. :bravo:
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    Midwest Mom,

    First of all - I will make this to the point and explain why. You don't stink at anything. Not even math. You just didn't have anyone explain math to you so you could understand it when your brain was in a state (school) that said "I should be getting this".
    Everyone learns differently but very FEW teachers explain differently so we can grasp things if we don't get "it".

    I went for years thinking I stink at math, I am not good at math and met a woman that asked me one day about a bookkeeping problem. I said "I'm stinky at math" and she said "Let me show this way" and I said "Nope! See? I am just dumb." and she said "Well, lemme think - OH OKAY Star....let me explain it to you like this." and she did and now I "GET" it. So for years on that one subject (math) that I thought I was bad at it snowballed into years of me thinking I was bad at lots of things. When in reality my teachers were the ones that didn't explain it in a way I could understand or my brain wasn't ready to "get it". Dont' give up - you're a smart Mom.

    Now as far as the racist bus driver. Sigh - I'm really sorry but I think the school district has done all they are going to do. We have tapes here on our busses and it's been very helpful to convict most difficult child's of assault and battery. The day a kid shot 3 paint balls at my windshield with a high caliber gun = no tape, it was broken. Imagine that. I hope they cut off his trigger finger. HA.

    Sorry to hear you're still having issues with these folks. It's not just where you live - ignorance knows no boundaries.

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    Star, you're absolutely right about the math teachers! Our high school had (and still has!) a tenured algebra teacher who couldn't teach math if his life depended on it! Even the smartest, most talented kids have to get lots of outside tutoring to pass his classes. Both of my kids said that if they didn't understand something and asked for help, he'd just rush through it and give the exact same explanation, word for word, that he gave the first time - and they still didn't get it! My son purposely took both Algebra I and II in summer school with a different teacher and made A's in both of them.

    The most talented teacher we ever had for math wasn't even a math teacher! He taught elementary school when my daughter was in the 5th and 6th grades and taught high school science when my kids were in high school. He just had that knack for explaining things so that they understood - he could make that "light come on" in their heads, and suddenly they GOT IT! And he wasn't even certified to teach math! It was always funny that the kids would come out of algebra class completely befuddled and then they'd all run right down the hall to "Mr. Jon's" science room and get him to explain what the algebra teacher had just confused them with!

    :teacher: :crazy2: :crazy2: :crazy2: :crazy2: