The REAL story behind the broken arm

Discussion in 'Parent Emeritus' started by Ally, Feb 11, 2007.

  1. Ally

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    I talked to my dad last night and my difficult child had called him yesterday and told him how it came about that her arm got broken. Apparently while she was on the run she met a boy (who she now says is her boyfriend) and had a run in with 2 girls over him. I guess she lipped them off, they lipped her back and then she decided to take them both on. Well, 2 on 1 apparently isnt for her and she got her :censored2: kicked. She told my dad she has a black eye and has bruises everywhere as they had her on the ground kicking her. Unfortunatley I knew this would happen one day and Im hoping that she has learned that she should keep her mouth shut and not everyone is going to put up with her rotten attitude and mouthiness.

    It breaks my heart that it had to happen, but I knew it would at some point. She is very lucky she wasnt hurt worse than she was
  2. Coookie

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    Oh Ally, :frown:

    Why do they have to learn the hard way? :frown: I'm glad she wasn't more seriously hurt too and I sure hope she learned some type of lesson.

    Hugs to you.
  3. Sue C

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    I'm so sorry your daughter got hurt. I hope it does not happen again.

  4. Suz

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    I'm sorry she got hurt, Ally. :smile:

  5. Hound dog

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    I'm sorry she got hurt. Hopefully this will help her learn to keep her mouth closed. Why do difficult child's have to learn these things the hard way? :hammer:

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    I am so sorry. I understand. I got a call once from my daughter saying that she ahd been beat up by a friend. I knew her too well and asked what she had done to provoke it and she had indeed struck first. I have such a hard time with my two difficult child's being so aggressive. They were raised in a non violent home. They were not even allowed to play fight. I hope your daughter figures out how to stay out of fights n the future. -TM
  7. Sunlight

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    Ant had been beaten bloody more than once and has a scar under his eye where someone nearly succeeded in kicking the eye out. It horrified me as we spent two dys in the hospital.

    I do believe he has finally learned to keep his mouth shut when facing multiple or larger opponents.

    a hard lesson.

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    I'm so sorry!
    Why do they have to do everything the hard way? :hammer:

  9. Ally

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    Thanks for all your replies. Im thankful that she didnt get hurt worse, but I honestly dont think this will be the last time it will happen. She knows everything, is better than everyone, and nothing is her fault.

  10. Sunlight

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    how did court go?
  11. Ally

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    Apparently after her first AWOL her probation officer was going to ask for 25 hrs community services and her lawyer agreed to that BUT with the next AWOL breach the probation officer doesnt think that the 25 hrs is enough and it should be more or a different punishment and the lawyer doesnt agree so she got it held over until March 12th. Thing with that is difficult child thinks that the lawyer is going to get her off. Unfortuately for her, that is not going to happen. Will be a bit of a shock Im thinking. Ill keep you posted on it.