The roller coaster we are on


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I decided to do a road trip to the beach with the boys. difficult child asked to take his cousin along. Well he wanted to wear a flag (red bandanna) and that is how it all started. I said absolutely not. We live in a very small town and I guess we are not immune to gang interest. Anyhow after the beach time when it was time to go, he flipped out. Calling me horrible names and cussing me out in the car, I turned around at a stop light to smack him in the mouth (which he totally deserved) and he twisted my arm and kept twisting. Sunday night he spent the night away from home at his cousins and ran away on Monday from there. I listed him as a run away and chased him all through the city where his cousin lives. He said he had a gun pulled on him and laughs. He ran from my sister. His cousins friend was hiding him in bushes, back yards they were doing who knows what. Of course I have always told my difficult child that this child was bad news. My difficult child is not remorseful for what he put us through and only called to be picked up because he was hungry and tired. We have never really been involved in C&Y but I called them to put a case on him I want him placed. So my question is where? Where do I find info on placement facilities? Single mom, no money, MA for difficult child. I mean a good placement where they will help him instead of just house him and feed him. Where hopefully he will come out better than when he went in. Any help is appreciated. But my goal is to help him before he gets any worse. I took him out tonight for the first time since all this to get ice cream and to play tourist and he wanted to get a toy gun. UH NO. After that I was dumb and he doesn't care about me or anything not my car, not any person not even himself. Thanks in advance for your help!


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I have heard that PA has very good resources for this sort of thing especially when you combine mental health and the juvenile authorities. Do a separate post specifically asking for Suz because she lives there and she obtained services for her difficult child using them.