The shirt that said it all


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I was in Target yesterday with difficult child and I asked him how the baby is. He said good, then went on to tell me that he's finished with wingnut. I kept my mouth shut because I have learned to just not react and have heard this hundreds of times, but of course he continued to tell me that he was at her house and opened one of her drawers and found a stack of letters from this guy Carlos, who they met last year right before he went into the state rehab for the first time. This is the one who was living at there apartment with his girlfriend when difficult child left for rehab and him and wingnut stole the safe out of her mothers house. Anyway, he said the letters said how much he loves her and misses her and when he gets out of jail hopefully they can have real relationship!!! When difficult child asked girlfriend about the letters she tried to say that he was stalking her and she doesn't like him and never wrote him back, but the letters also said thanks for writing to me all the time. (I know I would hang onto a stack of letters from someone I didn't like, who was stalking me, how about you???? )

I have learned not to respond either way because I know he'll be back with her in a week, but it was so funny, we happened to be in the mens clothing department and I picked up this shirt and I said, I'm going to buy this for you. It said, I love my girlfriend. He said yeah right, and I said wait a minute, it's reversible, you turn it inside out and the other side says, I hate my girlfriend. I said to him, you can just reverse it depending on the week. He said, haha very funny, and it was left at that.

I thought it was hysterical that I came upon that shirt. It was so perfect for the moment!!!! Don't you love when things like that happen?????


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I said to him, you can just reverse it depending on the week.

[/ QUOTE ] :rofl:

:rofl: You're bad, Karen, very bad



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Wow, Karen ~ you have come a long way!

And you know what? I am thinking that response ~ that sort of easy humor about the situation difficult child finds himself in ~ will hit home alot harder than anything else you might have said or done.

Good job.




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What I wanted to do was take him by the neck and say, look what a fool she makes out of you, what is wrong with you??????

So glad I just found the shirt because I really would have regretted strangling him :smile:

I'm sure now he will just sit back and wait for the state to contact him about the paternity test. I would think he would want proof even faster now, but not in the mind of a difficult child!

I know he's not done with her because he also said to me, when she calls I hang up on her. I wanted to say, how about not answering the phone, or changing your number, wouldn't that be easier??? But I didn't!!!! She'll convince him she did nothing wrong.


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Karen, we would miss you if you strangled your difficult child. I'm glad you resisted. I don't think they have internet access for you to post from prison. :wink:



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:rofl: I love the shirt. It was a great teaching moment from a subtle teacher. Yay!! Hope he learns the lessons.


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karen, ant and danielle talk off and on with one another still. I think they have some sort of bond there. love/hate/whatever you call it.
I stay out of it and will not discuss either one with the other.


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When B was in alternate schooling (high school)I bought a shirt and got him to wear one day. It said "I didn't do it!"
I thought that was hilarious too!!
Stay strong!!!


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Nothing of course. He called me last night and because I won't ask about her, or if they are talking, I find out by asking how the baby is. this way he will either say, I don't know because I'm not talking to Sarah, or oh she's doing great. Of course his answer was, oh she's doing good, we all went to a meeting together Friday night, me her and the baby.

Ughhhh! What does she have to do to him before he'll stop letting her make a complete fool out of him???? I don't think there will ever be anything bad enough.