The sick man who let his baby die in hot car


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I don't buy it was an accident. I drive my grandson around and heaven knows it has been forever since I have had a baby in the car with me - but never ever have I come close to forgetting he is there! I talk to him the whole time we drive and he babbles.

Here is what KILLS me - the wife said it was her worst fear that it could happen. Then wouldn't you do whatever you could to put things in place to prevent it from happening?? We have a mirror on the back seat so I can see my grandson in plain view in my rear view mirror. Such a simple little thing to do. :(

It makes me sick. NO way did he forget. That car seat was placed in the middle of the back seat. That puts that baby's back at your right shoulder. He took that baby out of his car seat and had breakfast with him a few minutes before work. Who could forget THAT quickly?

Nope, don't buy it, and never did. They both deserve to rot in he**.


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There have been two more cases that I have heard of since this. One was a very young mother and the other was an older man who left his 90 something mother in the car while he went to gamble. Personally I am more upset about the elderly woman than I am about the very young mother. I think the old man was hoping his mother would die so he could get out of caring for her.