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Discussion in 'The Watercooler' started by Jena, Dec 26, 2008.

  1. Jena

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    so i had to share a positive from my xmas day adventure. boyfriend shocked me by really going out of his way to pick out gifts for me this year. I was taken back actually. He's a simple man, as simple as they come, he doesn't say many deep things, lol and isn't that romantic......... :tongue:

    but this year he got me a bunch of stuff diamond necklace, a new watch, a planner for work. Yet the best gift or gifts was the Mary Poppins movie the collector one. I had told him this past two years as I dealt with alot of past sudden flooding memories, very bad memories from my childhood that I had to deal with that my favorite record that made me feel safe and loved was Mary Poppins, and the movie. so he got it. I was so touched i really was. I can't wait for difficult child to go to dad's this weekend so i can lay on couch with my blanket and watch it.

    also he got me old cd's music from when I was growing up in fla. things that made me feel safe when i was handling alot of bad bad stuff at home. zztop, boston, styx, violent femmes (yup I was a rock head lol).

    Anyway it showed me that he may not always say alot, but he remembers everything, especially the important stuff. :)
  2. Hound dog

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    Silent waters run deep. Sounds like that's your boyfriend. What a sweetie for remembering and wanting to help you feel safe by bringing you back to your childhood memories. :) Says alot about how he feels about you.

  3. Jena

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    yea def. the silent water

    it's kinda had me choked up for a day or so now actually. The whole "inner child" thing and all. :) it was probably the most thoughtful gift i've ever gotten from anyone ever.
  4. Andy

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    Very nice! Awesome job boyfriend!

    He really did Christmas right this year!
  5. ML

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    He's a keeper! I'm glad he did this for you, Jennifer. He does love you, no doubt about it.
  6. Wiped Out

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    Way To Go boyfriend!:)
  7. Lothlorien

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    It shows you that he listens to you. That's a great thing. Sounds like a keeper to me.
  8. Jena

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    Yea, it was kinda debatable up till this point LOL. Who knew Mary Poppins would save the day!! Again!! :)