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    I am taking psychiatric 101 and I really like the teacher. He is a Psychiatrist who teaches at one of the near by universities and he is only teaching this one Sat. class at the county college. He is Deaf, I find this intriguing and inspiring. But I was getting irritated listening to all the hung over youngins cracking their comments on how they could not understand a word he was saying, and he of course could not hear them cracking their comments. But he is exhuberant and teaches with props and enthusiasm! I think it's definatley a "God thing" that I am in his class.

    Of course I have to type a 5 page term paper and do an oral presentation! Gulp! Been awhile since I've done that, it would help if difficult child I had actually done his school work and maybe I would have been able to brush up by helping him!!!
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    I am glad you are enjoying the class. I bet anything though that he can read lips and those cruel comments by the youngins are heard louder than they think? They are acting like teenagers in a high school class. They need to grow up and learn what a college level class is like.

    It takes a lot of time to prepare an enthusiastic lesson using props - I know because I spend atleast an hour preparting for a Sunday School class for PK - 6 using as much props and hands on as I can. And in order to teach with enthusiasm, you really need to know the material inside and out. For me memorizing the little details of the story is time consuming. You have to really love what you are teaching to pull that off.

    Good luck with the term paper.