The things we do to cope...

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  1. J is headed to my parent's house for a week or two after I called DHR in an effort to give him up for foster care. I get a break! Whee!
    This is the newest development at our house - a door that we keep locked so J won't steal from us or eat all the food at night and end up in a diabetic coma.
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    That is how it did look. J took scissors and/or a knife to it and cut the screen off. But it still works just fine because I thought he would do that and I installed a double keyed deadbolt so he can't get out. :hi5:
    Things are going nicely - husband and I read the book "5 love languages" and it really helped our marriage. We are planning on a vacation this Fall - just the two of us! :choir:
    And we are trying a behavior chart with J - crazy, I know, but it will work until he gets tired of the rewards or thinks I owe him a reward for doing any ding-dangety thing at all. It will help for a while, anyway. One day at a time is all I can handle.
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    Glad you are getting some respite! Hope your parents can handle what is coming their way!

    Just a word of caution about the "gate door" -- especially if it is a double cylinder deadbolt (keyed on both sides), it may actually be illegal because it could impede emergency exits in the case of fire, etc.

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    Glad to hear that you are getting a little bit of break. Have fun planning your weekend getaway with your husband. They can be SOOOOO important to a marriage.

    With the door, are you locking him into a section of the house, or locking him out? My only concern is that he will tell a teacher that he is being locked away into his room and they will call CPS about it. And I think that LittleDudesMom is right about the fire hazard.
  4. I'm locking him into a section of house/ out of our section and there are two windows he can (and has) used to get outside if he wishes. We are in the process of putting in an exterior door so he can get outside more easily. Running away is not in his list of problems - sometimes I wish it was. :kickedoutsmile:Not worried about him telling a teacher, as he is homeschooled (not my choice I was unable to push him onto the bus anymore and the driver didn't help, neither did the bus rider).

    I wear a key to his door around my neck, daughter has one and husband has one so with that and the windows I'm not worried about fire hazard. I called DHR myself last week in an effort to get more help. Of course, I didn't mention the door to them. I honestly think he would be better off living with someone else but can't quite bring myself to give him up when he is behaving well.
    My parents are keeping him for the next 1 to 2 weeks, thank God!
  5. More good news - J is with my parents right now for a week or two and Mom called this morning. They want to work out a "visitation" arrangement so he stays with them for a while, then with us for a while, then back to them, etc. Yahoo!
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    :badmood:I wish my parents would do this to help us out. I have trouble even getting them to believe half the stuff this kid does.
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    Very good. Looks like you have thought everything through.
    My husband has the Five Love Languages but I don't know where he put it. I think he read it more to figure out his employees. No way did it occur to him to read it together for our marriage ...
    Anyway, glad you're making progress in so many areas. It's hard. I have to go out and buy a locking refridgerator, the kind they use in dorms. :)