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    You know how you feel when you've had to spend time around a toxic family member? I had to make my 90 day appearance/meeting with difficult child's PO today and I've had that feeling all day. I never learned any way to deal with it regarding my family other than to detach, tolerate when I had to, and stay away as much as possible. The problem of course, is that I have no choice but to deal with the PO unless I completely abandon difficult child. It's really weird that I've not had this issue with anyone else except my mother and bro- until dealing with the GAL and others in "the system". It really makes me wonder if it's that the people in the sytem on the lower end of the totem pole (the ones we get) are taught methods that are actually dysfunctional and that's why kids stay in the revolving door, or if my family instilled such beliefs about me to the GAL and she spread them to others and that's how they are treating me- like my mother and bro do. Or it could be both because really, if a person didn't have dysfunctional thinking of their own, would they "buy" a bunch of stuff distance family members told them? I don't have ANY doubt that several of them over their have their own dysfunctional issues. Maybe they go into that profession because of it- kind of like some tdocs going into the profession because they need one themselves.

    Anyway- I just want to shake it somehow- how do you get it off of you? Wouldn't it be nice if I could just take a shower and it be gone? LOL!