The weekend is over, the results are still pending, but the prelims are in!

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    And it appears to have went off without a hitch and we had a wonderful time.
    difficult child 1 and his wife came over Thursday evening and helped easy child 1, Wee, and I finish cleaning up the yard. The outside of my house looks WONDERFUL.. Everything is picked up, they trimmed with the push mower and weed eater (husband never does, he mows with a 60" deck lawnmower, and what it mows is what gets mowed). They helped me haul off 2 loads of scrap metal. And my house is almost presentable. I worked on it all week in the evening, plus Friday.
    After we finished cleaning on Thursday, difficult child 1 invited DEX to our house. They felt obligated to visit him but they didn't want to visit him at his house. They wanted to keep the girlfriend out of "her" element. DEX came and, although she was available, she did not. Another of difficult child 1's friends came before DEX got there, so the group stood in the yard and chatted. Grandbaby was there, and that was the first time DEX had ever seen him. He paid very little attention to the baby, and none to Wee. DEX was sure to throw an occasional punch, inviting difficult child 1 over cause their house has plenty of room for them, etc (my house is tiny and ancient), but the kids declined. Two Brooms stopped by later, and she did know they were in town, but there seems to have been no inappropriate behavior on her part. Is it possible she's learning there are consequences with me???? I told her the kids had Saturday reserved for certain people, and she was one of those certain people, and she respected the time and the selection of certain people! Yay!
    Saturday, grandbaby's party was fun. DEX and whackjob were both present, and DEX did what my dad used to call the Father of the Year routine, which drives me batty, but whack job, other than taking a lot of photos, kept her distance. DEX was in that poor child's face the duration of his time there, which is pretty standard fare for him. When there's an audience, he is the most doting father you'll ever see. When there's not...well....see paragraph above...But the biggest thing was that neither whack job nor DEX paid any attention to Wee, and Wee was playing with his cousins, so he couldn't have cared less.
    The party Saturday night at our cops had to be called! husband's ex-brother in law found out on Friday that he could not come, so that eliminated the conflict between him and husband's sister. Two Brooms didn't call the bio-mom family, so difficult child 1 and his wife didn't have to deal with that. And DEX and whack job, shockingly, did come, but only stayed for about an hour and, again, were largely ignored by the crowd, and left before husband's cousin (the one she was sleeping with) got there. They actually sat around the fire with us for a bit and chatted and it was halfway pleasant, tho obvious whack job was NOT happy about being there. But again, Wee wasn't even on the radar and was off doing his things, so didn't notice them.
    And I even got to babysit a few times, and let me tell ya, that is one cute little bugger. Oh my.
    So, we'll see what happens, if anything, over the next few days with whack job, but it appears that the visit happened with no uglies!
    But I'm exhausted.
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    Wow! What good news!

    (I hope this is the start of a trend....) said very quietly so as not to jinx it....
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