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  1. timer lady

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    kt, along with her new PCA, have a schedule each week to make dinner on Monday & Thursday evenings. Just another life skill that we are trying to teach kt.

    I ask kt & PCA to put together a menu along with a shopping list needed to make their dinners. kt came to me so excited because she decided that Thursday would be a roast in the "crackpot". "Mom, I love when you put a roast in the crackpot - it comes out so tender & juicy."

    The poor child, she's thrilled to have come up with such a good idea for dinner & I :rofl: - husband is at the other end of the kitchen doing the same thing. :rofl:

    I had to stop myself because kt's frustration was getting rather high & I had burst her "bubble", if you will, to explain it was crockpot not crackpot.

    kt started laughing & walking off (in good humor) to put that word in her list of words that need work. She has a notebook for words that she mispronounces or has trouble spelling. Helps her remember.

    You all know how good those crackpot dinners are....may plan one for tonight. :smile:
  2. Marguerite

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    I love it! Mind you, I tend to only make crackpot soup.

    Our family mispronunciation problems are the reverse - easy child 2/difficult child 2 and difficult child 3 are hyperlexic (difficult child 3 is EXTREMELY hyperlexic) so they READ new words before they hear them. They can extrapolate the meaning from the context, but need to see the word written down and explained before they can pronounce it correctly. And because they both tend to use large words, it can really sound funny sometimes. I wish I could remember some of them, but it happens so often...

    I do remember back when difficult child 3 was about 4 or 5, he was calling his night attire a "dressing down". I wrote it down for him and showed him the word, so he could understand that it's called a "dressing Gown". He's never got it wrong since.

    The things they say - one of my favourites was when he had the window wide open and as the car was going fast he said he "had to shut it because the wind is poking my eyes."

  3. goldenguru

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    Your post reminds me of a true (all my stories are true) family story.

    My hubby grew up in a very large family(nine kids). My hubby swears that his mom would take leftovers from 5 or six nights dinners and throw them all in the crock pot. Leftover spaghetti, pork chops ... cabbage ... fried fish ... and so on. Because they hated it so much ... they dubbed the crock pot the "CROTCH POT".

    LOL. To this day we call it the crotch pot.

    Thanks for the laugh so early this morning. :rofl:
  4. Wiped Out

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    This was a great thing to read first thing this morning :rofl:
  5. jannie

    jannie trying to survive....

    Thanks for making me smile this morning.....She can come cook in my crackpot anytime. :smile:
  6. Marguerite

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    I just remembered a lovely one of my niece. As a little girl she was absolutely beautiful - a little doll with blonde curls and blue eyes. Precious, innocent. And like a lot of little children she had difficulty saying some words. She would see a train and call it "fain".

    Her mother had to teach her to say "lorry" and not attempt "truck".

    "Mummy, look at the..."
    It's a TRUCK, darling!"

    The look on people's faces, when this perfect china doll came out with THAT word...

  7. busywend

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    OMG! I love that she smiled, too!!!

    Did you tell her what a crackpot is?

    :rofl: :rofl:
  8. TerryJ2

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    I love crackpots!

    Too funny, easy child suddenly started swearing at the tender age of 3. "f---it." We ignored it at first, then chastised her, then, when my parents were coming to visit, I had to spank her, because she couldn't dare say that in front of them. One day, we went to a neighborhood festival that featured Santa arriving on his ... Fire Truck. She pointed and smiled with-glee and shouted loudly, "F---it!" Then her eyes got really wide, she whipped her head around to look at me and said, "I'm sorry, please don't spank me!"
    OMG, I laughed so hard. And I felt so guilty!!!!!! What a bad mommy! We had no idea that it was a fire truck all those times she'd said the phrase. We joke that she'll be in therapy for the rest of her life. It's one of her favorite stories to tell her HS friends now.
    (by the way, she's only gotten 2 spankings in her life, and both were just one swat. The other was for throwing my antique Irish Belleek dish down the stairs and breaking it, followed by an open 5 lb bag of M&Ms. (She wanted to see what it would do.)
    Now husband warns people, "Don't ever mess with-Mom's chocolate. You'll get a spanking." LOL.
  9. SearchingForRainbows

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    Thanks for the laugh :rofl:!!! I really needed it this morning!!! WFEN :rofl:
  10. hearts and roses

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    :rofl: That's great - hahah!

    When easy child was little she couldn't quite grasp the word sauerkraut and called it "spidercrap" guessed this day we all call it spidercrap!! Hahah. :rofl:
  11. mrscatinthehat

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    Aren't the things they say so darling. When easy child was little and she talked about growing up it was never when I am going to be big, an adult or any of those she would say when she became "HUMAN" she would do this or that. I tell you no more profound words were said.

    Hope her first crackpot meal is good.

  12. Sunlight

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    very cute! reminded me of my ex sister in law who always mixed up words. she once told me she would go to the weddding but not the conception. I told her I am glad she is not going to the CONception. lol
  13. lovemysons

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    You guys are too cute today.

    Thanks for the laugh I needed it! :rofl:
  14. Hound dog

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    I hope her crackpot meal is delicious. Too cute!

    Nichole reverses ALL of her opposites. Leads to some pretty funny conversations at times. lol

    You'd think after 18 yrs of correction, she'd have improved. But it's been this way since she could talk. She knows what she wants to say, just the opposite word comes out of her mouth.
  15. SnowAngel

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    That is precious. Got me laughing. I remember when my youngest girl was 2, she just met her grandpa(Dads side) for the first time. She was raised around my stepdad who she called Papa. Well at her 2nd birthday party she attempted to say Grandpa, unfortunately it came out "Crappin". Poor guy couldn't get her to pronounce it right, so he was "Crappin" for quite awhile.

    Enjoy your crackpot. They are so good on rainy days too.
  16. trinityroyal

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    They are adorable, and I treasure these words.

    Our local grocery store sells reusable plastic bins to take your shopping home. When you buy them, the cashier puts a sticker on the side that says "bin paid for". Very cute (sigh).

    On a recent shopping outing, difficult child offered to get the Bin Paid For out of the truck. Of course, the rest of the family picked up on whatever vessel we use to carry in the shopping (the aforementioned plastic bins, canvas grocery bags, etc.) is known as the Bin Paid For.

    difficult child also sometimes talks about his "ring toe" and "pinky toe" when referring to his feet. Gotta love 'em.

    Enjoy your crackpot meal.

    All the best,
  17. busywend

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    difficult child and I were going out for ice cream sundaes.

    She is a smart kid and knew that the day was a Saturday.
    So, she asked me if we were ready to get our ice cream saturdays!

  18. totoro

    totoro Mom? What's a GFG?

    I feel like a crackpot!!!

    I am making crackpot soup, pie and roast tonight!!!! MMMM...

    Thanks for the cute laugh.
  19. timer lady

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    The "crackpot" dinner was wonderful. kt did a wonderful job with dinner - the last 10 minutes of preparation about did her in. I sent her out of the kitchen to take a break. She took it with-o arguing.

    I love hearing how our children learn to use words; how hilarious new words & phrases come out.

    I'm glad your day was brightened & fun memories came to you from kt's crackpot dinner. :rofl:
  20. Stella Johnson

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    Too funny. :rofl: