The Year in Pyschiatry 2011

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    Link to summary of several significant studies in the general area of psychiatry during 2011 can be found on Medscape

    Summaries include a look at studies of adults in the some of the following areas:

    Is weight gain is associated with improved efficacy in anti-psychotics (No)
    Are changes in metabolic markers like lipids associated with improved efficacy in antipsychotics (No)
    World wide prevalence of Bipolar (nice question, hard to answer)
    World wide look at possible Bipolarity in patients presenting with Major Depression with results suggesting it is as high as 47% (can we all say Duh?)
    Are 2 anti-depressants better than 1 (probably not)
    What is best treatment for acute mania (Haldol seems the overall winner but a couple small studies of Tamoxifen had amazing results)
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    Thank you!