There are days our difficult children....

Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by timer lady, Jan 29, 2008.

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    catch us by surprise. :lipstick:

    I'm so very proud of kt lately. As a blooming young lady, she is definitely giving us a run for our money I'll give you that. The ups & downs; the little girl days & the typical teen days (did you hear that? typical teen). I had to point that out to husband yesterday. That kt is being a typical teenage girl, with all the dramas, mood swings & need for hugs from daddy. In the meantime, husband is losing his everloving mind. I feel sorry for him lately - I get over it quickly. :rofl:

    After school yesterday kt asked if we could talk - she had planned out her future & wanted to talk about it with husband & myself.

    She's decided that she will need day treatment until the end of sophomore year (day treatment currently has her placed in 8th grade); at that point she wants to finish out the last 2 years of school in a mainstream setting.

    "Mom, I started my first 2 school years in mainstream - I want to finish in mainstream. If I don't work toward this I'm going to regret it"

    Really didn't know what to say to my baby (?) girl/budding young woman. :beautifulthing:

    I don't know what today or tomorrow may bring, but I sure enjoyed that conversation last night & recorded it in my kt journal.
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    Great big warm smiles here. Thank you for sharing this with us. Hugs, ML
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    I hope you continue to be blessed with typical teen behavior, lol from kt!!! My easy child is definitely displaying typical teen behavior daily - Lots of drama, mood swings, self-centered behavior, etc... The drama is especially fun:hateyou::loveyoutoo::sorry::shopping::dont_know::soapbox::9-07tears::sleeping ::beautifulthing: All I can say is that life is NEVER DULL with a typical teen living under your roof!!!

    Seriously, I'm glad kt is doing so well!!! WFEN
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    :dance:She is certainly showing signs of maturity, even for a typical teen, not to mention a difficult child!!!
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    Oh wow! What a goal and what a great time to set it and start working towards it.

    They are amazing, aren't they?
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    WFEN said it. There is never a dull moment under your roof.

    There is never a dull moment reading your posts! She sounds so grown up. It really sounds like the typical teen trying to shine out from under the clouds.

    Keeping you all in my thoughts.
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    :bigsmile:That's a jewel of a moment, for sure! Hope she's able to reach her goal -- it's really great that she's able to think about her future and is willing to muster up the self-motivation to get where she wants to be.
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    I'm smiling ear to ear!:bigsmile:How great that she has set a goal-a very mature non typical teen type thing to do!:yes:As for the other typical teen stuff as others have said it truly is never boring-I love WFEN's choice of icons!!
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    That is so cool to hear. Glad she is looking to her future. That is such a good thing. Take each moment and enjoy it.